Create a Camper Cleaning Kit

Keep your camper clean with the right products designed specifically for an RV.

Is your camper clean enough to be healthy but dirty enough to be happy?  A clean camper can seem like an oxymoron.  The revolving door of keeping a camper clean never ends.  I read a post online this week where one camper said she sweeps like "100 times a day".  That is me!  Half of the battle is having the right tools for the task.  My motto in life is work smarter, not harder.  Apply this motto to how you tackle your RV and you will not only be a happy camper, but you will be a clean camper.

Work smarter by choosing wisely for camper cleaning gear.

Think of this as a two-part process.  The upkeep of the interior and exterior are equally important.  I consider exterior cleaning to be part of your seasonal maintenance or on a demand basis.  Interior cleaning is always done more often - before, during and after a camping trip.  Let's explore both.

Interior cleaning

RV cleaning products should be safe for your family and your RV hardware.  Thetford and Camco both provide RV specific products that are safe to use on your camper.  To protect your investment, go with RV specific products.  Even if they are more expensive, these products are worth it.

Thetford's foaming cleaner for the kitchen and bath is an excellent double duty product.  This cleaner will keep your kitchen and potty spotless.  2 in 1 products save space and are always winners with me!

For your day to day wipes and spills on all of your surfaces, I really like Seventh Generation Multipurpose Cleaner or Honest Multipurpose Cleaner.  You can use these products to safely wipe countertops, tablecloths, placemats, food prep surfaces and more.  Both Honest and Seventh Generation make wipes, dish liquid, and hand soap.  These products can be found at almost any retailer.

One other soap to consider is Sierra Dawn Campsuds.  It is an all-purpose camp soap that is bio-degradable.  This product has been around since 1968 and comes in a variety of scents.  Use it to clean your dishes, but you can also use this product to wash your body and hair.  To me, its the mother of multi-purpose camping products!  If you are a backpacker or tent camper, this product will really come in handy.  Even scouts could benefit from having this product in their camping backpack.

To complete your interior camping kit, get some microfiber cleaning cloths that you can use just for cleaning!  Job specific cleaning cloths are important.  I don't necessarily want to use the same cloth that I clean my sink with to clean my porta potty.  Microfiber is an excellent choice because they are gentle and effective.

Finally, Camco makes a Lemon Scent Grey Water treatment that can go into a grey water holding tank as well as down your drain.  Use this to pour down your little drain in your pop up to chase odors.  You can also add this to your holding tank on the exterior of a pop up to keep odors at bay until you empty.  Just pour some into your grey water holding tank and you are good to go!

Exterior cleaning

A regular wash and wax on your RV will keep it looking great.  Invest in a good cleaner.  Camco Pro-Clean Wash and Wax is a good starting place.  Add a rotating brush to your cordless drill to gently buff off those tough spots that need a little more elbow grease.


Also, clean and treat your awning for mold and mildew.  303 makes a specific awning product that you can use and won't damage fibers.  These products are worth the money and designed for this purpose.

Last, if you own a Pop Up Camper, treat your canvas and vinyl with 303 cleaner too.  It is product specific, and always works great!  For your vinyl on the bunk ends, 303 makes a protectant that would treat these areas.  Use the fabric guard to treat the actual canvas of your bunk ends.  These products are not cheap.  Replacing your canvas is not cheap either.  Protect your investment for years of camping fun! 

The end of the season is the perfect time to treat and clean your canvas after the summer camping season.  Did you know that dirt on the interior of your pop up canvas can encourage the growth of mold?  Keeping a clean interior of your canvas is a much of a good practice for health and hygiene as it is to preserve your investment!


What is in my camper cleaning kit?  These are my top 10 cleaning products that will make a difference in your cleaning regimen.
Take care of your camper with the right products and you will enjoy a long happy life with your rig.  I'd love to hear what is in your kit to keep your camper fresh and clean.  Feel free to comment and share your ideas below.

Until next time...

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