Our First Outdoorsy Rental - Peggy Sue is Up for Rent

A welcoming space is what renters are looking for when you rent your RV with Outdoorsy.
Several months ago, I started thinking about renting out Peggy Sue.  I listed her on Outdoorsy this summer.  Some friends thought this was a great idea.  Others thought I was crazy to consider renting out the camper that I had worked months to renovate.  After lots of research, I crafted my first Outdoorsy listing.  So, what happened when we finally rented Peggy Sue for the first time?

Renting your camper gives others the camping experience you already love!

The first few times we were contacted about renting our pop up, the timing didn't work.  I declined and waited for the right opportunity.  Renting out your camper should not be stressful.  You can block out dates that won't work for you.  These dates can include camping trips you already have booked or dates when you are busy and don't want to have the hassle of the rental process.  For us, renting out Peggy Sue is about our convenience.  Otherwise, it isn't worth it to us.  Learn to say no if you need to do so.

I was contacted by a potential renter through Outdoorsy in late October.  She was looking to rent our camper for a college football weekend.  She and her family planned to camp at a site about 15 minutes from our home.  The family wanted us to deliver and set up the camper and then come back to pack it all up and take it home.  All of this worked perfectly for our first rental.

We delivered our camper out to the local KOA on a drizzling, Friday evening.  Since we were only doing a basic set up, everything was ready for our camping family in about an hour.  I actually felt a little sad after set up that night and leaving the campground.  I had never set up our camper at the campground and not actually stayed.  But it was also rewarding, and I journeyed on home to my own bed.

Our pop up camper that is available for rent on Outdoorsy.  (the dog is not included)

On Sunday morning, we arrived back at the campground to find our camper was in good shape.  No damage or harm was done.  The bed was made.  The towels were in a pile waiting for me to take them home to wash.  We stripped the beds, packed everything up and hitched back up.

So, how does this all work?  How do you actually get your camper out there and up for rent?  There are some steps to follow and decisions to be made.

First, before you ever list your camper or get to that point, get your camper ready.  Complete your annual maintenance and make sure your RV is in good shape.  Make sure your camper is clean inside and out.  While you camper is looking its best, take some photographs.  You will want interior and exterior photos.  Showcase what would make campers want to rent your rig!

Showcase your camper in a way that highlights the best features.

Next, decide on what you want to include with your basic rental fee.  Do you want to allow campers to use your linens and dishes?  I do include our bedding and towels with our rental price.  I think this makes it more appealing to renters.  But, this is entirely up to you.  Establish a base price to rent your camper with what you plan to include.  You can explore what other campers are doing on Outdoorsy to help you explore what others are doing.

Third, you will need to decide what amenities you would like to add on.  These are services or items that renters can add to their rental for a fee.  For example, we are willing to rent our porta potty out for a fee.  We also have added that renters can choose to have dishes and flatware with the camper.  We also have a drop-off and pick up service where we will tow our camper to and from the campground within 60 miles of our home.  We will also set up and take down for an additional fee.  Basically, you can decide what services you want to add and how much you want to charge for each of those additional services.

The drop-off and pick up service is huge.  Some campers would like to actually camp but may not own a tow vehicle, or they just don't to tow a camper period.  This opens doors for other campers that might not do this otherwise.  The setup and take down is another thing that newbie campers love.  They don't have to remember or figure anything out.  It becomes much less work and much more pleasurable for the camper.

Finally, list your camper on Outdoorsy.  Their website is easy to navigate and add your photos, descriptions and all of the details for your listing.  I also recommend downloading the Outdoorsy app to your mobile device.  This makes it easy to manage your listing and rentals while on the road.  And if you ever get stuck or need help, you can call customer support.  They are amazing.

Peggy Sue is small and can be towed by nearly any vehicle with a tow package.

Our first rental was a success.  We are looking forward to more rentals in the future.  It was definitely a win-win for us and for our renter.

Still thinking about renting that camper?  It's a great way to make some extra money while you aren't camping.  This was the biggest appeal to me.  We have times of the year that camping just isn't in the cards.  Renting our camper is excellent for those down times.  Plus, we live in a college town where hotels are at a premium.  I was late with the ability to rent out our camper to football fans this season.  But, next year we hope to rent more often.

Until next time...