Spring Camping Playlist 2019

Spring camping season is officially here, and if you are headed to the campground this weekend, I have put together a playlist to get you going.  As a child, I spent a lot of time riding back roads and listening to old school country music.  Every spring I always find myself back in south Mississippi in the familiar places and spaces that I once called home. 

So many of my childhood and adolescent memories play back in my mind when a hear a certain song or see particular landscapes.  Bridges and backroads are two things that go hand in hand.  I can see the Lake Pontchartrain Bridge at so many different times in my life.  There is the one-lane bridge in Greene County, Mississippi that I remember crossing with caution.  I think back to dirt roads with deer darting out from the shadows.  From wide open spaces to shady, narrow and twisty paths each one leads to where I am now.

I created a Spotify playlist called Bridges and Backroads. I've included 42 songs with everything from George Jones to George Straight.  It's reminiscent of those classics that my parents loved but ones that I loved in high school and on into adulthood.  I even threw in Pink's "Walk Me Home".  Because what is a playlist that takes you back without a song that actually talks about that very thing?

As I was making this list, I could see my dad driving and listing to Merle Haggard and playing his 8-track in his truck.  Some of you will not know what that even is.  That is okay.  Or, I can hear my friend Angie's mother singing along to Patsy Cline while she drove us around.  While I grew up most of my life in Mississippi, I have roots in Alabama.  I've included a few throwbacks to that as well. 

You will have a little more than 2 hours of music to get your next campfire started.  Its music you can sing along to, kick back and relax too and just enjoy.  But if you are feeling inspired by this list, create your own playlist of what music speaks to you.  I feel like we all have a soundtrack that is the music that makes up who we are.

Start out your next Friday vibes with some Bridges and Backroads tunes from my past.  Until next time...

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