Spring Camping Survey Results

I did a short camping survey last month.  I hope to do more than one survey over this year.

Last month, I did a quick survey as part of my newsletter.  I wanted to get some feedback from readers about how they camped.  And I liked what people had to say.  Reading through the comments were really interesting.  So, when you camp, do you feel like the typical camper?  Or do you feel like a fish out of water?

I asked questions about:
  • camping equipment
  • campground preference
  • activities
  • experiences
  • how people got started camping
  • RV rental
Some of the results were surprising, and others were not.  What I enjoyed most what seeing what each reader had to say.

Our pop up camper is perfect for us!

Camping Equipment

Most readers responded that they camp in pop up campers.  I was really surprised to learn this.  I see so many other RV's at the campground and so few pop-ups that I was not expecting that.  This verifies that I appeal to pop up campers.  And, this will help me with curating content in the coming months.  

And even though we have a pop-up camper, you don't have to own a pop-up camper to read my blog.  One day we will be moving to a travel trailer.  We are slowly outgrowing that space.  And, we love camping period.  So, we love campers of all varieties.  

Campground Preference

This is where I always wonder if I am in the minority.  We typically stick to state parks, but I always wonder what others prefer.  According to this survey, others like state parks as much as we do.  I don't think this makes them superior to private campgrounds.  We have enjoyed camping at a private campground before.  They are more expensive, but the facilities can be very nice and offer lots of nice amenities.  So I see both sides of it.  

Campground Experience

For those campers that preferred private campgrounds versus state parks, each of these groups stated specific reasons.  

Private campground fans stated that they liked the amenities, playgrounds, entertainment for the kids, variety, and pool.  One person even stated that their fifth wheel was too large for many state parks.  Its all about experiences that campers are looking to have.  And there is nothing wrong with that.  If you are willing to pay more for a private campground that offers more activities and amenities, I get it!

State park fans mostly stated nature, scenic views and lower costs as a reason for camping there.  One person even stated "less drunk people" as a reason.  Several persons even went on to say that they camped on weekdays to take advantage of quieter days.  State parks do have fewer amenities in some cases which means they are quieter and less "active" in terms of bounce houses and jumper pads.  But there are plenty of people that bike, hike and do other activities that are not as loud.  It's a different kind of action and pace.  

Camping Activities

When it comes to camping activities, there is a mixture that campers enjoy.  The top 3 activities are:
  1. Cooking/Grilling
  2. Time with family and friends
  3. Hiking
These are all easy activities and require little planning other than the day to day required planning that we all already do really.  Outside of this, biking, fishing, kayaking, and relaxing in a hammock are not surprising.  

Camping With Others

We sometimes camp with friends, and other times it is just our family.  We like to do both.  The majority of people said they do camp with family and friends.  It is a fun group activity.

When I asked how people got started camping, the majority of people stated that it was something that they did as a family tradition.  Either a husband camped and now their family camped.  Or both families camped as children and was a natural thing to do after they married.  Some just loved being outdoors.  One person stated scouting got them into the outdoors.  And another said they just liked being outdoors and decided to do it.  

No matter who you are, even if you have never camped in your life, you can become a camper.  Anyone can.  So, don't think that you have to come from a multigenerational group of campers to start camping.  Anyone can do it!

RV Rental

Companies like Outdoorsy have become really popular.  People can rent out their RV to make a little cash to offset the cost of owning an RV to make their payment each month.  Or, you can rent an RV instead of towing yours to a long distance place to camp.  

First, have you rented an RV?  93% say no.  Only 1 person said they have rented an RV.  However, I know lots of people do rent them because Outdoorsy rents them all of the time.  I have rented our pop up camper out.  

When I asked if you would rent your camper out, the response was mostly no.  It is hard to let someone else have your RV.  It is a risk.  I don't always say yes.  It doesn't always work for me.  I sometimes have people asking to rent during the week when it isn't convenient.  Plus, you could always tow the camper to the spot for the campers that want to rent for you.  

Most responded by saying no.  However, there were a few people that were willing to take the risk.  For some campers, I understand that using seasonal sites prohibits them from renting out an RV.  These campers just use their camper more some.  I hope to actually rent our camper out more in the upcoming year.  We don't use our camper as much as I would like.  When we upgrade to a travel trailer, I hope to use Outdoorsy as a way to help make our payment.  But, that is just me.  

Overwhelmingly, I think campers agree it is about experiences.  Long before this moment in my life when we took up camping with our son, I came to the conclusion that life is more about the experiences and conversations we have in life.  There are so many to be had.  We just have to slow down long enough to have them.  Every person that shared a personal story shared something that made camping unique and wonderful to them.  Over the coming months, I plan to share snippets of these in posts and my newsletter.  

One reader shared this story from her early years of camping and marriage that I believe sums camping full circle in the best way possible.

We had been married almost a year, I had been a camper as a child wanted to have my husband get to enjoy the camping experience. We decided to camp in our van, we had built a bed in the back, borrowed camping equipment from my parents, same ones used as a child, needless to say it became an experience for worse, rain, cold, no heat, old camping equipment didn’t work, and hubby had a horrible headache. The only thing that came out from this experience was 9 months later our son, who is now 41, and my husband and I are still married 43 years later. We have had many years of camping and then stopped but now we are getting ready to start camping again with our children who have also been married for almost 19 years. 
When it comes to camping and marriage, it does seem to be for better or worse.  This reader said she couldn't ask for a better "better".  And I couldn't have said it any better than her.  I hope that I have a lifetime of camping with our son.

Making memories at the campground with our son is why we camp!

I've enjoyed seeing what readers had to say about their own camping experiences.  We are truly the state park campers that are looking for the low key, budget-friendly weekends.  I'm not opposed to private campgrounds where we pay a bit more, but I look for nature filled experience that I can't find anywhere else.  This is what our family is seeking.  And most of you that responded seem to be looking for the same thing.   But no matter how or where you camp, there is no wrong way or time in your life to do it.  Just get out there and find your way to the campground and make memories with those you love!

If you would like to find out more about the campgrounds where we have camped, check out my Camping Map.  I've included links to my campground reviews with photos and more.  Until next time...

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