Your First Night in a New RV

These are the items that we used on our first night in our new RV.

I'm all about the decorating and color schemes, and I can't wait to start putting our new camper together.  But, there are some things far more important than the pretty palette you have selected.  What do you actually need to take your camper out for that first time?

Enjoying his first night in the new RV by watching cartoons in his bunk before bed.
Getting started on your first camping adventures will vary based on what kind of RV you have.  We have gone from a pop-up camper to an RV.  There are a few differences, and there are some things that are the same.  I would recommend purchasing an RV starter kit, and you can add necessities from there.  I find this to be both costs effective, and it takes the guesswork out of shopping for your essentials.

Every Camper Needs

There are a few things that everyone is going to need no matter what.  Both pop-up campers and travel trailers will need these basic items.
  • Inline Water Filter - I like Clear2o because it is a solid carbon block.
  • Wheel Chocks
  • Leveling Blocks
  • Leveling System - Some people with pop up campers prefer the BAL Leveler.  We have loved Andersen Levelers.  I think it comes down to personal preference.  But you do need these.
  • Tire Pressure Guage - Before you travel and tow, check the tire pressure of your RV and tow vehicle tires.  You can just keep a gauge in your tow vehicle to do this.
  • Level - You can buy the stick-on variety or just use one from a toolbox.  

This pop-up starter kit from Camco is an easy way to get going on your first trip!

Pop Up Starter Supplies

In a pop-up, you are going to need hoses for drinking and gray water.  You will also need a water pressure regulator.  I also think you need a filter for your drinking water.  Unless you have a porta-potty, you won't need very many things.
Camco also makes a premium RV Starter Kit.  This is just what you need to get going in a new travel trailer.

RV Starter Supplies

Camco makes a great RV Starter Kit just for travel trailers.  It has all of your basics!  The premium kit includes a clean water hose, sewer hose, sewer fitting, electrical adapter, water pressure regulator, black tank treatment drop-ins and RV toilet paper.  The only things that I would add to your supplies would be a black tank flushing hose, disposable gloves, drill bit for your stabilizer jacks and a cordless drill.
Other RV specific items, you can begin your camping adventure with necessities you may already have.  Use bedding and sheets from home.  You could also use your towels from home as well.  Add in some spare dishes or paper plates, your personal toiletries and clothes, and you are ready to camp!  Go through your linen closets and cabinets and collect items that you don't use often or spare items.  Thrift stores, Dollar Tree and other bargain stores are ways to get what you need for your camper without breaking the bank.  If you need more ideas beyond the basics, I've created a First Camping Checklist that you can use.

All set up for camping!  Soon we will have this down pat with our new camper.

Don't feel the pressure to buy everything at once.  Part of the fun is doing a little bit all along and enjoy the process and journey of making your camper feel like home.  Just like shopping for a new camper, you won't want to rush through this.  You will enjoy the results so much more if you take your time.

Always remember that the only wrong way to camp is not doing it at all.  Get out there and hit the road.  You may need a few specific pieces of gear to get you on the road, but its all up to you after that!

Until next time...

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