RV Medicine Cabinet - What Do You Need Now?

Our RV Medicine cabinet includes the basic items that we need on the road.

Several months ago, I went out and purchased a few standard items to keep in our RV medicine cabinet.  I thought we had everything we needed.  But, after a yellow jacket sting to my face over the weekend, I realized that I might be short a few things.  I took a little time at the end of our last trip to re-evaluate our current stock and made a list of what we need to add.  What do you need to keep on hand when you travel?

Being prepared on the road and at the campground is important.  You could be quite a distance from stores or medical facilities.  Unexpected events happen all of the time.  No one intends to fall, get stung by an insect or burn fingers while preparing a meal.  Aside from injuries, there can be late-night heartburn, sore muscles or a child with a fever or earache. 

Before you hit the pharmacy, start with a basic first aid kit.  We keep a portable kit that we can take on bike rides or hikes.  It stays in our RV with all of the basics.  This kit from Surviveware is organized, compact and contains all of the essentials.  It contains additional items like a whistle in case you fall on a hike alone.  The attention to detail could be a real lifesaver during outdoor activities. 

Our Surviveware First Aid Kit was one of the first items we purchased, and we still have and love it!
Your first aid kit is designed to give you items for that occasional bump, fall or scrape on the go.  But, you also need to keep those little things for other allergies, tummy trouble or pains.  These are the items that we regularly grab on a day to day basis for health care needs.

What medicine do you need as you travel?

Allergies, Reactions, and Stings

Keep some Benadryl (or a comparable item) on hand for the occasional reaction to pollens, insects and more.  This is one thing that I needed after that bee sting because of the swelling under my eye.  I didn't have an allergic reaction, but it would have helped with swelling and itching.  For parents with young children, I also recommend keeping a liquid children's allergy formula

If you have someone with you that suffers from seasonal allergies, pick up a non-drowsy daily relief tablet.  The children's all-day allergy relief is another item that you may find that you need.  These items can be particularly helpful during the change in seasons especially if you are sensitive to pollen and other irritants. 

Aches and Pains

Get a bottle of Ibuprophen that can work both as an anti-inflammatory and pain reliever.  I keep both regular and a night-time aid.  We have used both at times.  I currently have a meniscus tear in two places.  Pain management is a must for me.  Again, pick up the children's version as needed for your family.

Tummy trouble

Always be prepared for heartburn, upset stomach, and diarrhea.  Heartburn tablets and anti-diarrhea meds are helpful for that middle of the night attack or unexpected need.  While there are children's versions of anti-diarrhea meds, I'm not so sure about this.  But, parents can make this call.

Other Items

I also keep a supply of flossing tools, q-tips, and cotton pads.   If you keep these items in a closed container, you will always have them as needed.  We also travel with melatonin for restless nights.  It can be a lifesaver on the road.  You could always pack a few of these each time you travel. 

I keep Q-tips, cotton pads and flossers on hand.
If you are just getting started, use my printable list to help you shop.  Keep in mind that liquid gels could melt in the heat if your RV is stored between trips.  Also, check the dates of supplies and toss as needed.  You might even choose to bring your unused items into your home at the end of the season and restock before you start camping again in the next year.  Rotating out your stock of supplies will help eliminate waste. 

For pop up camper owners, keep your medical supplies in a plastic storage container for easy access.  Selecting the right storage options and sizes in a pop-up camper will help you keep your sanity and supplies where you can find them.  I like clear containers so that I can always see what is inside of them.

What do you keep your RV medicine cabinet?  Do you already have what you need?  Maybe you are thinking that you need to update your supplies.  If so, stock up and get ready to hit the open road.  It will give you peace of mind and the provisions for whatever life sends your way!

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  1. These are great suggestions! We also keep sunscreen, aloe vera gel, bug spray, and anti itch cream. Oh, and feminine hygiene products ��

    1. Yes! All of the above. I'm about to restock my stuff this weekend. I love to go to Dollar Tree to find many items that I keep on hand! Happy camping!


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