Glamping Gear - A Dozen of My Favorite Things for the Campground

How you define glamping is up to you.  And anyone can enjoy this style of camping.

Glamping is camping done with fabulous flair!  I don't know that I'm necessarily a glamper in every sense of the word.  I have a little boy and husband in tow everywhere I go.  This brings about a lot of dirt, frogs and general messiness.  I do enjoy pretty camping decor, creating delicious meals and relaxing at the campground in style.  Anyone can be a glamper, and you don't have to go over the top to do it.  Today I'm sharing my favorite glamping gear that anyone would love to have at the campground.

Glamping Gear - A Dozen of My Favorite Things for the Campground

I've divided my glamping gear into 3 categories.
  • Creature Comforts - This is the gear that will make your life more comfortable and are my splurge items on the list.
  • Around the Campfire - Take your campfire to the next level of cozy luxury.
  • Fantastic Flair - Whether it be inside your glamper or showing off the exterior, make your RV the envy of the campground by adding stylish touches.
There so many other things that I could have shared in this post, but these are the top twelve items that are at the absolute top of my list.  Maybe these will inspire you as you plan for a new season of camping.

Creature Comforts 

Our Tochta mattress has a hinge for our murphy bed in just the right spot.
Get the best night's sleep with an amazing mattress!  We purchased a Tochta mattress this year for our murphy bed.  These mattresses are American made.  They can be customized to any size.  Have a custom made mattress that can be curved, cut to a specific thickness or hinged for a murphy bed like ours.  Even if you don't have a specialty shape or size, these are the most comfortable memory foam mattresses that we have ever felt.  We went with the Utopia line.  It is the right balance of support and cushion without being hot during the night.  There was also no off-gassing of any synthetic smells when it came out of the packaging.  It just makes sense to splurge on the mattress that you are going to sleep on in your RV.  You will enjoy it so much more with the right bedding!

Beddy's Bedding is true luxury bedding that just makes sense in an RV.

The bed zips up to make it up and stays neat and tidy when folding our murphy bed into the upright position.

After you get your new mattress in place, top it with a Beddy's bedding set.  For our murphy bed, this bedding stays in place.  We can make our bed in a snap.  Plus this bedding is snuggly soft and beautiful.  When we rented our RV this past football season, every guest commented on this bedding.  This will be the last bedding you buy for your RV.  I'm considering upgrading our bunk beds to this next!

Curl up with a cozy and stylish Camp Casual throw.

The other snuggly item that I love is our Camp Casual Throw.  It is perfect for curling up to read a book, watch a movie or just having a cup of coffee.  Camp Casual offers a variety of prints.  And they are one of the best throws we have ever owned.  It is soft and machine washable.

An ice maker can easily pay for itself in a year's time.  It takes up far less space on the counter than you think.

Any glamper needs an ice maker.  If you are on the fence about this item, just do it.  It will literally pay for itself in the first year by not having to buy ice.  It allows us to repack a cooler with ice or make drinks on demand.  The ice is always clean, and it makes ice quickly in two different sizes.  Men and women alike will love this item.

Around the Campfire

We invested in a Little Red Campfire this year because of burn bans that seem to be more frequent.  I looked at lots of different models and liked this one the best because it is a completely contained unit that stores in one tidy little carrying case that attaches to the base.  I found that Camping World has the best price on this item.  And you can keep an eye out for sales.  If you don't want to bring firewood or the smell of campfire smoke on your clothing, this is a great alternative to a traditional fire.  You will have the same glow and warmth of a traditional fire without the extra work.

Even Bunnie, our certified glamping dog, approves of this Core Moon Chair.

Once you have your fire going, pull up a chair to relax.  My Core Moon Chair has consistently been a favorite around the campfire.  While it is a nice size for relaxing, it folds and stores into one compact bag.  My husband liked this chair so much after he bought me one for a Christmas a few years ago, that he got one for himself.

This Yeti mug keeps my coffee hot for hours and is the right size for my morning brew!

The Camco wine tumblers have a lid that closes the top.  The tumbler can be removed from the stem.

Now it is time to grab your favorite beverage.  Enjoy whatever you are drinking in style.  I use two items consistently at the campground.  Coffee is perfect in my Yeti mug.  The coffee stays hot, and I like that it feels like a mug.  There is something about that handle that I like for having coffee in the morning.  The Camco Wine Glasses are another favorite.  You can remove the stems and use the stainless tumblers on their own.  The tumbler has a lid.  And, they won't break.

Fantastic Flair

These red lantern lights are a fun addition to our awning.  These may be my favorite lights that I have ever owned.

I love my red lantern string lights.  These slide right into our awning for nice glow at night.  If you have an electric awning, you will need some awning clips that slide into the groove on the awning itself.  For a manual awning on a pop-up camper, you can use some plastic klippy klips.

The Rio Brands Expandable table functions as a camp kitchen, dining table or card table.  It can be used in its full size or smaller.  

I also love the lightweight flexibility of this Rio Brands Expandable Table.  You can use this table for dining, for playing cards, a kitchen set up or a small table.  This tabletop is heat resistant and can be used for grilling.  It is so versatile and simple to set up!  Being lightweight and compact makes this just right for solo campers, pop up campers, and tent campers.  But, I also like that it takes far less space in our pass-through storage than our previous camp kitchen!

This lightweight scarf is warm and stylish.  It also repels bugs!

Life is Better at The Campsite or at the lake.  This was one of our favorite outdoor adventures last year with our friend Christy on her boat at the lake!

Finally, I have two items that any glamper can wear.  In my fall Out of the Box Camping box, I received an Insect Shield scarf that I keep in our camper.  It is lightweight and repels bugs.  This is the perfect accessory for anything.  You can wear it with casual clothing but could also be worn with something to dress it up.  I also have a Life Is Better at the Campsite hat.  I keep it in the RV to keep the sun out of my face or for days when I don't want to deal with my hair.

These are my absolute favorite pieces of glamping gear.  However, if you want to a complete list of glamping gear that I love and would recommend, visit my Glamping Gear Page.  I have shared lots of other favorites as well.

Until next time...

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  1. All the camping gear tips are amazing and it is a very helpful article thank you so much for sharing this much information.

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  2. All the camping gear tips are amazing and it is a very helpful article thank you so much for sharing this much information.

    I will keep visiting your site...

    1. Thanks! I'm glad you found it to be helpful!


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