Camper Decor - Fab Finds For $40 from Dollar General

Dollar General's expanded home collection has lots of choices that can be used at home and your RV.

I love to decorate.  I have enjoyed sprucing up our new RV this past year.  One of my favorite places to find finishing touches for May Belle is Dollar General.  If you have not shopped at Dollar General, you are missing out!  This general store has been serving others since 1939 and is my go-to place to purchase inexpensive and trendy holiday decor.  Regardless of your budget, Dollar General is an excellent resource for designer flair.  It is practical and can help you complete your camper decor.

Camper Decor - Fab Finds for $40 from Dollar General

The tobacco basket and two botanical leaf prints provide color and texture for $14 to provide this look.

Dollar General has a new line of items in an Explore More homewares collection.  These items are available at select Dollar General locations.  Visit their website to search for these select stores in your area.  What you will discover are more choices for bath, kitchen, home, and party items.  Some of these featured items will be seasonal.  Other items are for any time of the year.  I recently found some items to finish our RV interior.  I'm dividing my recent finds into two groups.

The wooden medallion, artificial succulent, and adventure sign also provide muted colors, textures and interest in my kitchen.

Group One

I like pairing a variety of textures, sizes, shapes and colors in a space.  I selected several sizes of prints, inspirational prints, a monogrammed letter and basket that will all work together.  I'm placing these items in several locations throughout our RV, but they all work together and coordinate well.  This first group of items ended up costing $51 total, but you could certainly choose fewer items to have a complete look.  

The breakdown of these items are:

Tobacco Basket - $10
Leaf Prints ($2 each) - $4
Grateful Board - $8
Monogrammed Letter - $6
Family Plaque - $4
Artificial Succulent Plant - $5
Living Our Adventure - $6
White Wooden Medalion - $8

Add a flat piece over the stove for interest and to break up space.  

I like this sign for hanging up hats and scarves.  I hung it on my sliding door that goes over our bathroom.  The sign and monogrammed letter was $14.

One thing that I appreciate about many of Dollar General's decorative items is that they are flat.  This allows me to hang items on the wall using Velcro strips.  Other items are lightweight enough that I can use adhesive hooks.  

Our son picked out this item because it says, family.  I hung it next to the bunk beds.

These Command Strip Velcro Strips work well for almost everything I added!  Command hooks also hang items easily.  

I placed the tobacco basket and leaf prints over my window in our living area.  The succulent pairs well in the kitchen.  The gather and family signs found homes in our kitchen area.  The adventure plaque was purchased for an area above my stove.  Finally, I hung the monogrammed letter on a sign with knobs to hang hats and scarves.  At every vantage point, there is something that captures the eye and is part of who we are.  The items are loosely connected, but they create a cohesive group throughout our small interior.   

Look for groups of items that work well in odd-numbered groups - think three, five or seven.

Group Two

If you need some additional inspiration, I have a second grouping that I like equally.  I actually used these items in our home, but they would have worked well in our RV too.  This group includes:

Tobacco Basket - $10
Framed Leaf Print (large) - $8
Monogrammed Letter - $6
Live Simply - $6
Succulent - $5

While these items are at home, you could easily add these to your RV.

Any place that you need color or texture, these artificial succulents are perfect!  Dollar General has quite a few options right now.  And they not only look real, but they also don't look cheap either!

This sign is at home, but it would work in any RV space!

I grouped the monogrammed letter, large framed print and basket together.  The Live Simply sign hangs on one wall.  And I have the succulent on top of the toilet next to a couple other items on a tray that I already have.

Every Dollar General with the expanded home collection has different items.  Visit more than one store to get the best selection.

Tips for Shopping

If you visit a Dollar General with the Explore More Home Goods, be sure to check out the decorative pillows, throws, quilt sets, sheets, bath items as well as kitchenware.  There are so many beautiful colors and textures in each section, that there is truly something for every decorative taste.

Plus, if you don't find what you want now, come back and check to see new inventory as it arrives.  Dollar General does a great job of moving merchandise and bringing new items regularly.  You can achieve a designer look on a budget.   Dollar General puts that goal within reach for any shopper.

Dollar General Logo

A couple of shopping tips to save money at Dollar General:
  1. Sign up for an account online and start downloading coupons you can use.  Typically, there is a $5 off of $25 coupon that is available only to use on Saturdays.  Make a Saturday Dollar General run for the items that you want to purchase and save money.  If you spread out your purchases, you could save quite a bit over time.
  2. Download the Dollar General App on your mobile phone.  You can save digital coupons to your account for use at locations where you would shop.  This is an easy way to access coupons on the go.
  3. Sign up for text messages about offers and coupons.  Text SIGNUP to 34898.  
The bedding options are some of my favorites even though I didn't incorporate these items!

I'd love to hear about your Dollar General finds that you may have incorporated into your home or RV.  I have finally settled into our new RV with everything that I need to give us a homey feel on the road.  And that is my main motivator when it comes to decorating.  I like creative touches that are personal and cozy.  To see more decor from our RV, check out my Top Tips to Spruce Up Your RV.

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