Summer Camp - Camp Life Crate's Summer Box

Camp Life Crate is a subscription box specifically curated for camping enthusiasts.  I've subscribed to this box for a little over a year.  It is filled with camping themed items every season.  Summer Camp is the theme for this season's box, and this season's theme and items were winners.  What summer camp items were in my box?

Summer Camp - Camp Life Crate's Summer Box

The 2020 summer box must have been a big hit because it is currently sold out.  I'm glad I got my subscription in early.  I wouldn't have wanted to miss this one.  If you have some subscription box envy after the review, you can always pick up some of the items you think you would enjoy.  And, this might encourage you to subscribe to the upcoming fall box.

Distressed Camping Life Hat - $22.95

My favorite item from this box is the distressed Camping Life hat.  I love a good hat while at the beach, pool or just enjoying outdoor activities.  It's a way to shade my face and protect my skin.  The colors and the patch on the front are all so bright and colors I like.  I already have this in our camper for our next trip in a few weeks.

Camp Soap and Bug Bite Balm - $14.45

Two featured items are from Firelake Soapery.  The Camp Soap smells like summer.  I cannot wait to use this soap.  The scent alone is a huge draw.  Also included is Bug Bite Balm to have on the ready for summer insects.  Even though summer is winding down for some of us, we still have several weeks of mosquito-filled evenings in the deep south.  The practical nature of both items is perfect for us.  I need some new bath soap, and my son is prone to insect bites.

Life is Better at the Campsite Cookie Cutters - $2.99

I enjoy baking cookies and have a great sugar cookie recipe that is waiting for me to pair with these cookie cutters!  This is an item that I will enjoy using but might not purchase otherwise, so I am pretty happy with this item.  One of the main reasons that I enjoy subscribing to this box is for items that I will enjoy but might not seek out.  It's like a little fun gift to myself.

Happy Camper Cookbook
 - $11.24

I'm always looking for a new meal and recipe ideas for the campground.  I already have plans to use several recipes for our upcoming Labor Day weekend trip from this book.  The size of this book is perfect for fitting inside of my kitchen drawer where I keep recipes.  It is also well made with a laminated cover and spiral binding.  

Included in the book are several foil packet meal recipes and others to use with pie irons.  Each recipe lays out pre-trip prep and what to do at the campground to make each one easy to execute.  We have been talking about pie irons for a while now, and I am finally going to give this type of campground cooking a go!  I can't wait to try out these new recipes.  Even if you didn't get this box, this cookbook would be worth purchasing.

Camping Themed Travel Pouch - (approximately $12)

This well-made camping themed travel pouch has a zipper closure and is just the right size for stashing toiletries and other necessities.  It could be used for packing crayons and pencils for a child.  But, an adult could use it for feminine hygiene products, sunscreen, lip balms, and more.  I was not able to find an exact one of these online, but I found compatible items at around $12.

Wooden Smore's Tic Tac Toe Game - $15.95

For those days and nights at the campground, little campers and big ones alike can enjoy this wooden tic tac toe game.  It is sturdy and well made.  It will be a fun addition to our game box for us to use.  

Summer Camp Book Mark - $3.09

Every summer camper needs a good book and a bookmark to keep up with where they left off.  This one is bright and sturdy.  And, it has a retro feel that I love.  I'm in need of a good book, and I still like to read an actual paper copy of a book.  This will be in use soon!

Camping Bracelet - approximately $11.95

This is a fun little bracelet that has four camping themed charms.  I'm not much of a jewelry person while camping, and this item will most likely be gifted because I don't see myself wearing it.  It's super cute and could be a fun accessory, but it just isn't my style.  However, it is well made and a nice item. 

I think this box has great value.  The overall value of the box is approximately $95.  This is far above the subscription price of $49.95.  One thing that I love about this box is that you can keep every item for yourself.  But, for items that don't fit your style or needs, you can always gift these items.  And I highly recommend going that route for items that you won't use.  There is no point in cluttering up your space with items that will only collect dust.  The Camp Life Crate box also makes an excellent gift for a friend or family member that loves camping!  Grab a box for yourself.  Keep the items you love and gift the ones that aren't for you.  However, more times than not, I love every single thing!

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