2021 Summer Gear Guide

Memorial Day marks the start of the summer travel season.  Campers have eagerly awaited the day they could bid farewell to the dreaded pink drink for campers in cold climates.  So, what's so special about camping season?  For our family, this means lots of time in the water and lazy days with friends.  We love summer.  And even though it's brutally hot in the deep south, I still love it.  With so many new RV'ers out there and for veteran campers looking for new ideas, check out my 2021 Summer Gear Guide!

This season, I've divided my guide into 5 parts.  I'm sharing ideas for kitchen and cooking, furry friends, RV maintenance, glamping, and adventure.  I think this list has something for everyone at the campground.

2021 Summer Gear Guide


For the campground chef, make mealtime easy with Camp Casual Paper Plates.  They have a variety of sizes and even have bowls.  I love the fun, camping-themed paper goods.  They are sturdy and well made.  They don't leak or easily collapse.  We don't use paper products all of the time.  But, these are our favorites when we do!

And, if you are grilling this summer, a good digital thermometer will make you a certified pitmaster by not overcooking and undercooking your meat.  This can also be used at home for baking and roasting.  It has some preset temps for different kinds of meat.  Simply insert the thermometer into your meat and wait for the temperature gauge to tell you it's ready!

Furry Friends

Many campers travel with their pets.  We have a corgi and long-haired chihuahua that are the best camping buddies.  And, we have gear for them too!

We needed a new crate for our dog that didn't hog all of our under-bunk storage.  We finally purchased a collapsible crate from Amazon Basics.  It folds flat to store but expands fully in just a couple of minutes.  Plus it fits underneath the bed once we have it set up.  The 26" crate was just right for our corgi, and the size recommendations on Amazon seem accurate.  You will also want to pair your crate with a crate pad for your pooch.

A Wilder Dog Doggie Bag is perfect for transporting dog food.  It's collapsible and washable.  Plus, it comes with a stainless steel mug to scoop out your food.  I gave this to my husband for his new dog last year, and it has really come in handy on the road.  He can portion out just how much food we need for our dogs and store it in these bags just for them.  I like that they are reusable.  But, because they fold down as you use up your food, they take up less and less space.  It just makes sense in an RV.  Plus, you can use this in a backpack while hiking and more.  Check out all of their gear.  Wilderdog has harnesses, leashes, and more!
Finally, we added a seat cover in our tow vehicle last year.  It fits right over our seats and helps protect them.  Ours is a nice neutral grey, but they also come in black.  It has held up well, and it's a must-have if you are traveling with dogs!  It has made it easier to clean up pet hair, and we can take it out and wash it periodically as needed.  

RV Maintenance

If you are using propane on your RV, you need the Mopeka Propane Sensor.  These ultrasound sensors fit onto the bottom of your propane tanks and connect with the app you install on your phone.  You can easily check to see how much propane is in your tank without so much guesswork in just a few seconds.  These are the most accurate sensors that we have found.  One thing you don't want to do is run out of propane when you are towing and keeping your fridge and freezer cold going down the road or when you turn on your stove to cook breakfast in the morning.  

We also love our Tire Minder Tire Pressure Monitoring System.  We had a little tire trouble this winter.  And, while nothing bad happened, my cousin recommended this product to me.  The sensors screw onto your tires and will give you a reading for the PSI and temperature.  A warning will go off in your tow vehicle on the monitoring tool if your tires lose pressure or become overheated.  This will give you enough warning to find a place to pull off of the road if needed.  


Calling all Glampers!  You will want something fun, comfy, and cool to wear this summer.  Always pack something that can be super casual but also dressed up if you decide to go to dinner.  I also prefer things that won't wrinkle.

I ordered a plain tee shirt-style dress from Daily Ritual and LOVE it.  They have lots of colors to choose from.   Black tends to be my go-to color for things like this.  Throw it in a bag and it takes up hardly any room.  It is a universally flattering style that anyone can wear.  It's not too short or too long.  Just right for summer days and nights!

Anyone who knows me well, knows I love a romper.  You may have even seen these popular one-pieces in a social media ad.  Size up for a looser, loungy fit.  Or, they fit true to size for a more fitted look.  I bought this and think it's a perfect easy outfit to wear out shopping or having dinner out.  


I was on the fence for a long time about a smartwatch, but I really love my Apple Watch.  It is a great way to keep up with how active you are.  It's an excellent motivator and allows me to easily communicate on the go without my phone.  I can connect blue tooth headphones and listen to music straight from my watch without needing my phone everywhere I go.  Plus, I can get a text or make a call if needed.  

I feel like this summer gear guide is different from the ones I have shared in the past.  Maybe it is just that this is a different camping season or just a different time for all of us period.  While you are at it, check out my camping gear and glamping gear pages for more ideas and suggestions to get you started.  But, whatever you do, hit the road and enjoy some adventures this summer.  There are so many great things to explore.

Until next time...

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