Stay and Play at Trailhead Bike and Bed

Trailhead Bike and Bed was a perfect Father's Day Get Away for our family.

Houston, Mississippi is one of the end points of the Tanglefoot Trail.  With just over 43 miles of converted rails to trails outdoor space, this is the perfect spot to bring your family and bike to your heart's content.  The trail is mostly flat, safe and easy for a variety of ages and abilities to bike.  If you are looking for a spot spend the night while biking, this is the perfect get away!  You can bring your RV or reserve a room.  Our family loved this low key weekend.  With summer winding down and fall on the horizon, it is the right time to plan something new and fun in a small Mississippi town.

The sunset view from the hot tub was stunning.

Stay and Play at Trailhead Bike and Bed

Trailhead Bike and Bed offers 3 RV spots and 4 rooms for guests.  The RV spots have full hook ups and still provide you access to the amenities on the property.  They offer a fully stocked and well equipped outdoor kitchen with a Blackstone grill, propane grill, ice machine, fridge, sink, dining area and more!  They also have TVs positioned where you can catch a game or a movie outside.  We also played cards while taking a break between activities.  The grassy common area can be used for playing corn hole or taking in a fire and making smores or listening to music.  Finally, there is a hot tub.  This is just right at the end of a long bike ride on the trail.  Everything is spotless, well organized and provides a relaxing space for guests.  

All three of the RV sites are pull through and provide easy access.

We loved riding bikes on the trail as a family!

The outdoor common areas provide a place for cooking, dining and playing games.

If book a room, these are available and have access to the same common areas.  The common area is located behind a locked gate with a code to ensure safety.  This was a huge plus for any travelers, especially solo bikers and guests.  I also love that you can cook your own meals while there but there are dining options in town if you would rather eat out.  

Saxon's Drive In is a fun place for a meal.

Burgers and Nacho fries are just a couple of the menu items Saxon's offers.

Cool off with a treat after dinner  They have amazing shakes or just a scoop of ice cream.

The first night that we were there, we biked over the Saxon's Drive In.  This is a traditional burger spot that also offers shakes and ice cream.  The outdoor dining area is equipped with space for seating as well as games to play.  Our food was delicious and it was a fun way to start our weekend.  Put Saxon's on your list if you are coming to Houston.  The friendly staff also provided us with some different directions to get back to the Trailhead Bike and Bed that were off of the main highway.  I appreciated them taking the time to help us out since they saw us arrive on our bikes.  All of these little touches are what makes small towns so special.

Daisy's on the Square offers several options for both day time and evening meals and entertainment.

The hosts at Trailhead Bike and Bed were great to communicate with during our stay.  They recommended another spot on the square for dining and evening entertainment.  Daisy's on the Square has several options.  Gather Coffee and Brew serves breakfast and lunch.  My husband raved about the chicken sandwich.  End of the Ally and the Gathering Place offer live music and drinks.  We were able to catch an acoustic set on Saturday evening.  People were having pizza outdoors and visiting with friends.  It nice way to wrap up the day.  Since Houston is really small, we also biked to this spot from Trailhead Bike and Bed.  This was part of the charm of this trip.  We arrived and never drove our truck again until we left on Sunday.  

The outdoor common areas is complete with bike d├ęcor and all of the amenities needed!

We opted to just enjoy the music and hang out a bit after a snack tray dinner that I prepared in the outdoor kitchen at Trailhead Bike and Bed.  We cook most of the time when we travel and don't eat out that often.  But, you could show up and just relax around town after your biking adventures.  But, if you decide last minute to cook, there is a grocery store just a short ride from the bike and bed.  Grocer's Pride has everything that you would need to prepare a meal on the fly.  It is also withing biking distance.

The entrance to the Tanglefoot Trail is directly across from Trailhead Bike and Bed.

The shady paths of the Tanglefoot Trail make it an appealing place to get on and ride to your heart's content!

The Trailhead Bike and Bed is right across from the start point of the Tanglefoot.  We have gotten on to ride at several points over the years.  Starting in Houston, there are some sunny spots, but there is also plenty of shade.  You are about 10 miles from Houlka where there is a Whistle Stop complete with picnic tables and bathrooms.  It is an easy and pretty ride where you can take a picnic and rest before returning to Houston.  If you are more adventurous, ride further to Pontotoc or other stops along the way.  You can set the pace and distance you are willing to ride.  The Tanglefoot Trail does have benches and little areas to stop and take a break along the way if needed.  

We had a great time riding on the trail as a family!

We even talked to a guest at the Trailhead Bike and Bed where the wife dropped her husband off at New Albany.  This is the other end point to the trail.  He biked the entire 43.6 miles and met his wife at the Trailhead Bike and Bed where they grilled steaks and spent the night before returning home.  

Fall is a beautiful time to come and enjoy the trail.  If you are looking for new options for taking your RV and some new outdoor activities, Houston is the perfect small town location.  You have enough options to keep you entertained and busy, but you can also unwind while enjoying the sunset in the hot tub and do nothing else.

Every one of us had a great time in Houston, MS.

This was a last minute Father's Day get away for us.  And even though there was a crazy heat wave that weekend, we loved it so much that we are already talking about when to do it again in the fall.  The weather will be cooler, and it will be a near by trip that is easy for us.  

Get out and discover small town America.  Whether you are traveling on a long cross country trip or live near by, make a stop in Houston, Mississippi.  Their charming town is just good for the soul.  I loved their friendly, hospitality and low key atmosphere.  I think you would too!

Until next time...happy camping!

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