Camper Christmas Wish List - Part 2: More Great Gear

If you are new to camping or have been camping for a while, there is always new gear to be had or ways to improve your camping experiences.  I've gotten more practical over the years.  And I still love to glamp things up a bit.  I would like to think that I fall somewhere in the middle.  But, when I think of my favorite camping gear and gifts for an RV enthusiast.  What made my list?

Camper Christmas Wish List - Part 2:  More Great Gear

I've divided this list into three categories.  

  1. Sleep Easy
  2. Great Gear for Your Rig
  3. RV Maintenance

Some of these items are more of a splurge and others are easy on the pocketbook.  There is something for every price point.  But, this is a list of items that are certainly favorites on our camping adventures.  Maybe they will soon make your favorites list.

Sleep Easy

I know that many people opt for bed toppers in their RV, but nothing compares to an excellent overall mattress.  We upgraded our mattresses right after purchasing our travel trailer.  Totcha can custom build a mattress for any space.  You can get curved mattresses for bunks to hinged mattresses for Murphy Beds.  The customer service and support is amazing.  And we still get a great night's sleep 4 years later.  You need a Totcha Mattress in your RV.

We also have Beddy's Bedding throughout our RV.  These bedding sets fit over your bed in one piece like one big fitted sheet.  There are plenty of different color options to choose from.  They wash beautifully and sleep great.  While this is another splurge item, it is more than worth it!

Camp Casual Throws are another bedding favorite.  These are so soft and snuggly.  Plus, they have lots of patterns to choose from to match your d├ęcor.  

Great Gear for Your Rig

Keep track of how much propane you have with Mopeka Propane Sensors.  You will always know how much fuel you have by using the app to monitor your tank levels.  We have found that it is easier and more accurate that other monitors.  These monitors use ultra sound technology to monitor how full each tank is.  You can easily change out the batteries about once a year.  So they don't require a lot of maintenance, and they really last.  

Every RV owner should have a Tire Minder Tire Pressure Monitoring System.  This tool has a gauge that screws onto your tire valve.  It will provide you with a reading of the tire pressure and temperature on the road.  The added peace of mind is designed to keep you safe as you tow.  You will get a warning if tire pressure starts to suddenly drop or if the tire temperature starts to rise.  

Loose the standard RV shower head and upgrade to the Oxygenics shower head.  It will help you to conserve water and have better flow control options.  

Most RV's today come prewired and prepped for back up camera installation.  We have the Furrion S 7 camera system.  It has a larger monitor that mounts to the dash or windshield of your tow vehicle.  Plus, it has the capacity to give you audio outside so you have properly hear someone spotting and guiding you as you back up.  It is a great addition when towing down the road to help with changing lanes and to see around you properly.  Don't put off this investment.  These are not cheap, but it is so worth it!  Also, our friend recommended the bigger monitor option that we purchased.  While there are smaller monitors that provide a less expensive option, go for the bigger one.  You won't regret it!

We purchased a DuraFlame Cube Heater when we first bought our pop up camper several years ago.  We still have that same heater and love it.  However, these are a little more tricky to have.  What I do recommend is a small space heater that provides both a 750 and 1500 amp output.  A space heater will help you conserve propane on the road.  And it can supplement heat if you are camping in really cold weather.  We many times use this heater as our only heat source if the weather is above freezing but want to remove the chill from the air.

To round out this part of my list, a Camco Laundry Hamper is an excellent addition to any RV.  It is as practical as it is pretty.  This sturdy hamper has held up for years and holds a ton of laundry.  Plus, it folds flat for storage.  If you are looking for a gift for someone that loves camping, this is it!  Everyone has dirty laundry to deal with.  This hamper at least makes it look good!

RV Maintenance

RV maintenance isn't the pretty side of camping, but it is necessary.  We use all of the Thetford cleaning products.  Fill up a gift bag or box with the things that your friend or loved one will really use.  I ask for RV toilet paper as a gift all the time.  These items are not cheap, but they get the job done and work great.  What are the ones we love the most?

If you are still looking for gift ideas, I have created a whole list of things for your favorite Campground Chef.  Be sure to check out that post from last week.  Make your favorite camper happy with the things that will make life great at the campground.  You can't go from our list of tried and true camping favorites.  Be sure to visit our Amazon Store to find all of our camping gear that I have divided into categories by season, rig and use!  

Until next time...happy camping!