Why vacation work outs are the best

Bike trail while in Three Forks, Montana
I have planned for working out while traveling for as long as I can remember.  Over the years, I have learned that these are the best work outs.  Most people are inclined to think that time off means time off.  And yes that is true, but vacation work outs are totally different!

First off, on vacation, I feel like anything is better than nothing.  I'm not really feeling that anything needs to be accomplished.  I try to make it relaxing and tie it into the scenery or something that I've wanted to do.  The pressure of being in a time crunch to get in a work out is gone.  So I start out relaxed about doing it and in a different state of mind from the start.  

While in Puerto Rico for Christmas a few years ago, I bought a package of sessions at a local yoga studio.  I loved every minute.  I improved my practice and worked out with great instructors.  Lots of great vacation spots have studios devoted to just that.  Its something that can be both fun and rewarding at the same time.

Beach walk
Recently, while in Montana, our hotel had bikes for guest use.  My brother in law met me on the first morning to show me some local trails.  It was a great way to start my morning and enjoy the scenery.  After that first morning, I went each additional day and went a little farther each day.  I left Craig and King Diaper in the room to enjoy breakfast.  When I returned, everybody was happy and ready to start the day.  

The same is true for the beach.  A run or walk on the beach can start or end a day.  I skip the headphones and enjoy the waves.  It is amazing how quickly the time passes and how much father you will go when just enjoying the scenery and the sound.  

Here are my rules for vacation work outs.  

  1. Keep it simple.
  2. Tie in opportunities for nature and scenery in a new place.  
  3. Don't make it a training session where you have so many miles or something to go.  Enjoy and stop!
Toes in the sand while getting in some cardio!
If you still aren't convinced, why not try skipping the car rental or driving somewhere.  Walk to dinner or shopping for some added movement in your day.  No matter where you are or what you are doing can allow you some time to move and "exercise".  I have found that working out on vacation just clears the mind.  Its a way for me to mentally leave the day to day stress of work and home behind and enjoy something new by changing my mind set.  For some, it is easier to switch mental gears and just go into vacation mode.  I seem to need a little prompting.  This may be because I'm in constant movement all the time as it is.  But, whatever the case, it does work for me.  

Bottom line, I love to work out while traveling.  It is something that I think I'd be sad about if I didn't do it.  

Enjoy your downtime but make it active.  You'll be glad you did - both mentally and physically!