Life - With or Without Make Up

Happy vacation days with King Diaper
I think it took well into my thirties to actually feel comfortable in my own skin. And by that I mean being able to just be - without make up and feeling fussy about every single detail.  These details still bother me on occasion but don't define me.

This morning it occurred to me that I will easily post a social media photo without makeup.  I never even think about it.  It's a moment where I'm happy, and I'm sharing with the world.

When I think back, I feel like too much of my life has been devoted to make up hair, heels and clothes.  Never fear.  I'm not canceling my Stitch Fix or getting rid of my heels.  I'm just at a happy place in life.

Weekday at work
Funny how that happens.  I have been slimmer and bigger.  Not at the same time obviously.  But I don't think that I was happier or better off in any way regardless of shape, size, dress, make up or hair do.  

And I've said for years that a number on the scale or in the dressing room doesn't define me.  Yet I don't know that I've known the meaning of that statement until now.  It was what I wanted to be true but just wasn't ready to live it.
Celebrating the New Year, 2014

I suppose in reality I've come to the point that my life is about the moment, being healthy, and embracing life as it comes.  Life can't and won't ever be picture perfect.  And with that there isn't a perfect size, weight or picture moment to go with it.  Waiting on that just delays what life has to offer.  

Will I keep working out, putting on make up and dressing up?  You bet.  But if I don't, I'm the same person either way.  And life is happening no matter what!