The sippy cup solution

Spill proof trainer
Sippy cups are a big part of our lives right now.  My mother is the certified germ general!  Every time we leave the house, she is slipping sandwhich bags over King Diaper's sippy cups to keep them clean.

There are cups that do have covers, but that is just something else for me to keep up with.  Every time I open the cabinets in our small kitchen its raining lids, cups, plastic bowls and anything else for King Diaper's eating and drinking!  When you are short on space, every purchase and decision counts!

Tommee Tippee makes a cup called the Truly Spill Proof Trainer Cup.  And it has solved lots of problems at our house!  So what makes this cup so special?
  • There is an attached spout cover that keeps it clean.
  • The spout cover is easy enough for King Diaper to open and close it for drinking if I have it closed.
  • Handles are easy for grip.
  • There is also a removable flow control insert into the spout.
It has most definitely become our favorite cup. It is easy for travel and just the right size.  And for us, the right cup.  But, every child is different.  So this might not be the option for your household.

If you are looking for cups to transition your little one from bottle to cup, consider the following:
  1. Does your little one prefer a silicon spout the mimics the nipple of a bottle?
  2. Do you need flow control inserts for the spout?
  3. What is the best size of cup?
  4. Do you need handles or would a slimmer cylinder that can be hand held like a bottle work best?
  5. Is there an insert that will keep liquid from coming out when you travel?
Bottle to cup transition is not always easy.  I went out and bought several different kinds of cups to find the one that worked best for us.  

This may not seem like a big deal to some, but it was one for us.  Bottle feeding was an ordeal and took quite a while to get him just to take a bottle so that we could leave the hospital.  Cups were the same.  We are finally getting there.  Slow flow was what we needed at first because he would be drowning and choking on milk, juice or water.

Tommee Tippee makes additional items that are great.  This company offers a full line of bottles.  I used a different brand, but lots of people love them.  The Tommee Tippee Milk Bibs were a big help with bottle feeding.  The absorbent, pillow like collar soaks up milk dribbles and keeps clothes from getting all wet.

Looking for baby gifts for a new mom?  The milk bibs or this spill proof cup would be great items!  I just stumbled on these things and fell in love with the practicality of the products.

This is definitely a baby brand that is worth exploring.  The cup has been a great find.  And, it it germ general approved.  And in my house, that is task numero uno!

Have a great week.  Check out my blog again next week.  I'll be posting on Monday and Thursday each week.