The Balancing Act

My two handsome guys
Life has become this delicate balancing act for me during the past couple of years.  Juggling work and home is not easy, but I'm determined not to let life become a miserable stress magnet.  And over the past few months, I have embraced the power of choices.
  • I've been out of town all week for work, therefore I'm choosing to grab take out and enjoy a night at home and skipping the gym.
  • Or, I'm out of town all week, so I'm choosing to make my workouts a priority in the morning or at night on the road so that I can enjoy my time at home.
  • I'm meeting friends out later tonight, so I'm choosing to get King Diaper to bed before going so I can spend this time with him first.
  • While on a recent trip for a family wedding, I chose baby duty so that I spend more time with him and allow my husband time with his family that he rarely sees.
A night of baby duty with
King Diaper!
Whatever it is, I'm in a constant trading game of one thing for another.  At first, it was hard and at times frustrating.  Now that I'm in this routine, I look at my week and forecast my necessary choices and tradeoffs so that I can have an enjoyable week.  So its not all spontaneous and spur of the moment.  That's okay too.  I chose that when we had a baby.  It has proven to be the best decision yet!

Before baby, I was caught up in guilt driven decisions that didn't always leave me with a clear conscious or happy mind.  But, with a little planning, I feel like it really is possible to have most of what I want from life.  The concept of having it all just really isn't possible.  I'm sure this is an unpopular concept and many will disagree.  But, that is how I see it.  

I do feel like I have less time and that I have to plan more.  But, I also think that I use my time more wisely than ever before.  That isn't a bad thing.  And, on the days that I have less time or don't accomplish as much, I choose the path of least resistance.

Regardless of children or family size, life does come down to a series of choices.  Being an adult just seems to force that hand.  I've just started to look at them a little more closely.  Hopefully, I'll get better at making them and make the right ones.  After all, the choices I make don't just affect just me any more.

Have a happy week and choose wisely!  Your life will thank you for it!