Sample Up Something New

Samples are a great way to shake things up.  There are lots of sites online that offer free samples to subscribers.  Free samples are also a way to save money on lots of items I already use.  From shampoo to face creams, samples are a way to save money.  Especially when you travel or just use the items at home.

Last month, a co-worker told me about Influenster.  Subscribers fill out a profile and take quizzes that match up subscribers with products related to the profile.  You will be selected for Vox boxes that contain items for you to sample and give feed back.

My first Vox box was for Aveeno Targeted Tone Corrector Cream. When I filled out my profile, I had indicated that one of skin care concerns is age spots.  Yes.  You did just read that.  I'm just owning the moment.  And, voila, my Vox box had tone correcting cream.  It was awesome.  Not the age spots!  The cream.

Registered users will be emailed periodically about campaigns for participation.  Its a great way to try products that specifically do match with personal interests and purchasing.  This time the campaign I was selected for was for a $25 gift card for writing a couple of eBay selling guides.  I did this in an hour while watching tv.  Its like working while watching tv really.  And we all do plenty of surfing after we start winding down for the night.  Its just a way that I make this time useful.

If you are looking for other items to sample, Pinch Me is another place to order samples.  Each month, registered members receive an email announcing new samples.  Visit the web site to order sample items.  For July, my samples included:
  • Crew Power Shampoo
  • Garnier Shampoo, Conditioner and Intensive Repair Treatment
  • Garnier Hair repair
  • Gevalia coffee
  • Moisturizer
  • Sinful colors nail polish (full size)
  • Garnier Grapefruit face cleanser
Dove shampoo and conditioner samples from Pinch Me
It was a nice box of items that were easy to pack and use on the go!  I have really liked all of the products that I have tried.  And, the ones that I wasn't crazy about, well I'm not married to them.

And sometimes I pass on samples to someone else.  This month, my nail polish sample was great.  It was just a super bring pink that wasn't a necessary item for me.  I passed this along to the baby sitter Saturday night.  She was super happy and loved the color.  Again - score.

Try some samples at your house.  Its fun, easy and something that really does save money by swapping the need to use things that you already purchase to use for something free you received in the mail.

Have a great week!  Make the Bravo time on the sofa count with some sample surfing.