Why isn't getting back into shape easier?

Here we are pre baby at a family reunion 3 years ago
I've decided that getting back into shape isn't supposed to be easy.  Don't close this window just yet!  Keep reading for just a minute longer.

Being healthy and getting into shape is hard work!  Trust me, I work out often and have been working on getting this baby weight off for a while.  But, the hard work does have benefits!

For starters, the harder you work, the more determined your are to keep it up and keep it off!  A girl said to me at a conference last year, "I'm not about to eat that doughnut.  It defeats the whole work out I just did!"  Good point!

Does that mean I can't ever have a doughnut?  No!  But, choose them wisely and not often!

Also, I'm not willing to go on some crazy fad diet that I can't keep up.  I am committed to making changes that I can live with for life!  It may take me longer to get there, but I don't want to be up and down sizes like a yo yo.

Post baby for our second Christmas
This past year has really been a struggle.  I said last summer, "next summer…."  Well, I'm not back to a happy size or weight.  It just is.

But, I'm determined to keep working hard and pressing forward.  After all, it will pay off.  Here are a few things to remember:
  • Eating healthy is important even if you aren't trying to or you don't loose any weight in the process.
  • Exercising regularly is just as important.
  • And even if you don't loose weight from the exercise and healthy diet, You are still better off than if you did nothing!
Hard work is a motivator to me.  I'm not competitive by nature.  So, I'll keep eating healthy and exercising.  I'll have the occasional doughnut or burger.  But, at the end of the day, week or year, I'll be healthier and motivated by the hard work I put in the majority of the time.

Find what works for you and make it happen.  Life is a marathon of sorts.  If you are going to make it to the finish line, you have train your body by the choices you make daily.  And remember, you aren't racing to cross the line first.  You just want to make it to the end in one piece!  (and hopefully a little healthier!) 

Have a great week!