Expanding Our Nest

No, there isn't another baby on the way.  We recently installed a Nest Protect in our home.  Its a smoke and carbon monoxide detector.  Several months ago, we installed the Nest Thermostat.  We liked it so much, that we decided to add to it!

  • Nest Protect connects to the wi-fi in your home.
  • There are both battery and wired options available for home owners.
  • Installation is super easy.
  • Nest Protect integrates with the Nest app on your phone.
  • Users can monitor if it is working from the phone app.
  • If there is an alert, the homeowner will be alerted on their phone.  

What you will receive in your Nest
Protect box
The Nest Protect costs $99 and can be purchased for stores or online.  We ordered from Amazon Prime.  The box came with everything we needed for installation, except for tools.

Included in the box are:  the Nest Protect system, mounting plate, screws, wire caps, and an instructional booklet.  Before starting, I recommend watching the installation video and reading over the book.  I'm a planner, and I'm not planning for a new hairdo.  The video can even help you decide if this is a project for you or a professional installer.

There is a quick set up with the Nest Protect with your home wi-fi and your phone app.  If you don't have any other Nest Products, you'll need to download the nest app and set it up.  This will all need to be done before starting to install the device onto the wall or ceiling.
Connect matching wires and cap

First, turn off the main breaker to the house.  Next you will disconnect the old smoke detector, if you are installing a wired system.  Connect the matching wires and cap them.  Put on the mounting plate.  If you have sheetrock walls, you may need to have some of those little drywall anchors.  Connect your Nest Protect and attach to the mounting plate.

If you are installing a battery system, you can install to the desired location without turning off the power in your home.
The phone app allows
the user to control both
the thermostat
and detector.

I really like the fact that if something happens to my home while I am out of town, I will be alerted through my phone app.  Its just that added layer of protection that just makes me feel good.

We have really liked our nest products.  They are easy to manage and fit well into our busy lives.  I also like that the products work together through one app on my phone.

If you are looking for some ways to upgrade some of the smoke detectors or thermostats in your home, Nest is a great way to go!  I'm just a mom that read the manuals and was able to do this on my own.  Being a DIY project, I was able to save money too!  Its a winning situation all the way around!