An Honest Review

A month's worth of diapers delivered to my door!
A couple of months ago, I decided to make a switch to the Honest Company bundles for diapers and home products.  First, let me say that this is not just a site for diapers.  The Honest Company has lots of different products and bundles.  I love the bundle services.

The buyer customizes the bundle based on need, etc.  The bundle can be updated each month before shipping.  And, the shipping date can be changed and spaced as needed.  Its just that easy!  There are three different bundle options:

  1. Diapers and wipes
  2. Essentials for home cleaning supplies or even baby products
  3. Health and wellness - vitamins
We currently participate in the first two bundles.  For the most part, we have loved our products.

The diapers and and wipes have been great.  They come in lots of different patterns that you can choose from.  This is fun.  But, they are soft and absorbent.  We were spoiled by Pampers and their wetness indicator to tell us when to change King Diaper.  The diapers are eco friendly.  (I'm always a bit skeptical of this statement, but you can read more about what goes into the diapers on the site.)

Wipes are thick and work great!  These might be my favorite part so far.  For our first bundle I ordered the soothing bottom wash to use with - well you know what kind of diapers.  

The diapers and wipes bundle is $79.95.  This is basically $20 per week for diapers.  And that works great for us!  

We have also ordered the essentials bundle.  You choose the items you want to include - up to five items.  For our first bundle, we ordered:
  • Toilet cleanser - It works great and will last a while.
  • Dish soap - Not a favorite.  It just doesn't lather like what we are used to.
  • Dryer Cloths - Each one can be used twice, but my husband tires of this and asked me not to order again.
  • Oxy Boost Pouches - LOVE this for laundry!  They can be used in place of bleach and are chlorine free.  
  • Brush and Ceramic Dish for dishes - Great addition to my kitchen.  Scrubs dishes well and have a ceramic dish that hold the brush up on a spring held drainage bottom.
  • Laundry Detergent
  • Bug Spray - Works great, but is a bit oily and has a strong herbal smell.  Be prepared.
  • Body Lotion - It is for babies or adults.  I don't feel like it absorbed well into King Diapers skin and we had to go back to Johnson's lotion.  His skin was so dry!
What you purchase over the five items, will save you 25% off.  The bundle itself is $35.97.  Well worth it in my opinion.  

Given that the buyer can customize bundles and shipping, this is a great service for us.  This last month, I logged in and made some changes to our order based on what we liked and didn't.  I changed the ship date too.  It doesn't get easier.

If you have babies or not, this can be a convenient service for great products for your home.  Check out what they have to offer.  I have a feeling you will find something that fits your needs and budget too.  If nothing else, these are items that I don't have to shop for that come to my door.  And who doesn't love that?