The Best Electric Toothbrush for Kids - Teaching Your Kids to Brush Their Teeth

What is the Best Electric Toothbrush for Kids?

Oral hygiene is something that we started early with our little boy, formerly known as King Diaper.  We started out like most parents with a little finger brush.  NUK Infant/Baby Tooth and Gum Cleanser works great.  This is also a great help for soothing teething babies gums.  Hubs used to rub our guys gum's with teething gel using this little finger brush.  And it worked wonders.

Once we had a few teeth, we moved to a little training brush and continued to training paste.  
NUK Toddler Tooth and Gum Cleanser is easy to maneuver in small mouths.  However, the dentist suggested last year that we consider an electric toothbrush.

The vibrations would simulate the pulsations experienced with a teeth cleaning.  And it would also help to clean teeth and gums a bit better. Philips Sonicare for Kids Bluetooth Connected Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush, HX6321/02 is what we decided to go with.  Some of the features of this brush include:
  • Customizable stickers for the brush.
  • Rechargeable brush.
  • Android or Apple App for teaching children to brush properly.
  • Timed brushing for the 2 minute recommended time.
  • Pacing notifications during brushing to cover all areas of the mouth.
  • Easily replaceable heads.
Parent's can load the app to a phone or a tablet.  We opted to load the app to a tablet.  

When it is time to brush your child's teeth, start the app from your device.  The app can be customized with your child's name and/or picture.  There is usually a brief set of instructions or information about oral health.  Then, it it time to start the brush.  The brush will connect with the app through your device's blue tooth connection.

We just stand up his iPad on the edge of the sink for brushing.
As your child brushes his/her teeth, the app will demonstrate what portion of the mouth should be brushed.  After 30 seconds, a beep and vibration indicate it is time to move to the next portion of the mouth.  This happens, three times during the tooth brushing session until the 2 minutes is up.  

Children are rewarded with little 'presents' in the app that allow the child to change the tooth brushing friend in the app's appearance or surroundings.  Our little boy loves this feature!
After he is done, he can click on his little rewards.
So, why is this brush the one for us?
  1. Durability.  After nearly a year, this brush is still in great shape.  
  2. Long lasting charges.  I rarely have to charge the brush.  
  3. Changeable heads.  Some electric brushes are disposable.  I don't like this.  And they cost more than this one over time.  
  4. Supports good oral health.  We have had no trouble with our child's teeth.  I feel like it does a great job.  Sonicare is a trusted brand in oral health.  I have a Sonicare toothbrush for adults and love it too.
  5. It helps me to do a better job with brushing our child's teeth.  It is easy to rush through brushing teeth to get on to the next task.  Especially at the end of a long day or in a time crunch.  This toothbrush's timing tool helps me to make sure we are devoting enough time to brushing teeth every single time.  
The Philips Sonicare for Kids has been the perfect toothbrush for us.  If you have a little one at home and are about to transition your child to a new toothbrush, this may be the right choice for you too.  I would recommend waiting until your child is at least 2 or really 3 before going this route.  The vibrations may be too harsh for children younger than this.  We started Prince Pullup with this toothbrush at 3, and he has done great.

What toothbrush do you use for your kids?  Feel free to share what has worked well for you at your home.

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