Replacing Your Pop Up Camper Cabinet Hardware

I've seen lots of pop up camper remodels with new and updated hardware.  I was fine with the hardware in our camper.  We decided to just spray paint it and reuse it after painting it.  However, soon after doing this, I realized our cabinet latches under the sink did not catch.  They were always coming open and annoying.  Our pop up camper is small, so I decided to just replace the hardware on these two cabinet pieces.

The only other interior cabinet is near the door.  Having matching hardware doesn't matter.  It isn't right next to each other.  And, having it all painted the same color does make it match.

I like Oil Rubbed Bronze as a spray paint color.  It has a nice dark finish.  Plus, I already had a can.  This can be purchased at any home improvement or hardware store.

I looked online to find a catch and strike set that I could install.  Since I had already spray painted the other pieces, it wouldn't really matter what color these new pieces were.  I was going to paint them unless I could find some oil rubbed bronze pieces.  I couldn't.  I just ordered what I found with the intentions of painting.

The catch and strike system that I ordered was from JR Products.  JR Products 70505 Cabinet Catch and Strike  These have a nice sized handle/pull to make it easy to open.  Each box comes with several catch sizes to accommodate several different cabinet widths that one might have.  Just match the catch to the width of your cabinet door.  The strike on the door will catch on the other side to hold the doors shut to keep them from flying open.

I like to spray paint down into a box so that the paint is contained into one space.  Work in light even coats, and turn after each coat dries to ensure that the whole piece is covered evenly.

If you want everything to match, you can spray the tops of your screws also.  It is just not that important to me.  I like for things to be a little mismatched.  It gives an easy feel.  Also after you paint, make sure that you press the strike several times in and out to make sure that it isn't glued shut from the paint.  If it seems stiff, use a screw driver to make it start to move.

Old hardware on the left is missing the strike on the handle.  The new hardware on the right works great!

I actually did this little project on our last camping trip.  I just didn't have any more time to be popping our camper up and down to work.  I knew that this would be a minor project.  So, I spray painted one afternoon and installed the pieces the next day.  I felt super happy to come home from this trip with something done that I would have otherwise had to pop up and shut everything down to do.

New matching handles on each door that close properly.  Touch up paint happening soon!
New cabinet hardware really gives the interior a face lift.  Nothing makes a space feel tired and undone like old hardware that doesn't work.

Our project is a work in progress.  We are learning as we go and deciding new things to do as we go along.

We have loved our pop up camper.  It feels so homey and comfy at the end of the day.  Even though my husband has a bit of camper envy when we passes by fancy Airstreams, I love Peggy Sue.  She has been such a fun project for us.

What updates did you make to your pop up camper that were quick and easy?  Did you install new hardware?  I'd love to hear from other campers what modifications you made to make your camper your own.  Half the fun of owning an older camper is the remodel and creating a customized space for camping trips.  Have a great week!

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