Camp Dogs - Taking Your Pets Camping

I have updated this post since I first published to include some additional photos.  

I've had a little purse dog for years.  Bunnie is our little 3 pound long haired chihuahua.  We want to take her with us on our adventures.  She is small and doesn't take up much space and is relatively easy to travel with.

One thing that we wanted to do was keep her contained and safe.  The PET4FUN PN935 35" Portable Pet Puppy Dog Cat Animal Playpen Yard Crates Kennel is easy to travel with in a pop up camper.  It folds flat and into a storage bag.  Since it is flat, I place it inside of my pop up underneath the table as we fold up.

The play yard folds flat and fits inside of this zippered tote bag.

The play pen zips closed to contain your pet easily.  Zippered openings are on the top and side for easy access to your pet.

Finally, little stakes keep the crate secure to the ground without risk of being blown away in the wind. We like to bring Bunnie's little bed and place inside with some food and water for her.  While we are outdoors playing, cooking or eating, she can be be right there with us.  But, being contained keeps her safe.  I also don't like keeping her on a leash.  This is much more comfortable for all of us.

The venting around the sides and top allow of plenty of air circulation making it safe for pets inside.  She can always see us and know we are close by.

Our play yard is plenty large for our tiny camper.  If we take a hike or go somewhere we can't take her, we just place her inside of the camper with her bed and lock in her.  When we come back and are outdoors, we place her in her little play yard.

The round shape of the playard gives her a view of us most all of the time to make her feel secure.

Every glamper needs to take a tiny dog camping.  Sure, I see lots of campers with much larger dogs, but there are no rules that say camping dogs have to be big dogs.  Little dogs like to camp too.  Bunnie loves it.

Do your pets camp with you?  How do you keep them safe and secure.  The Pet 4 Fun Play Pen could be just what you need.  We love it!


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