What are Your Camping Goals?

When people start out camping, usually there is some kind of goal.  Whether it be to get away from the day to day or to just to enjoy nature, there is a goal even if it isn's said out loud.  Once you are set up and organized for camping, it is not much different from other travel.  You have to pack and unpack.  You have to plan.  Sure, you are taking a lot of gear.  But, that is all part of being organized to make it easy.  After you are organized, set some goals.

My husband and I are drawn to state parks.  We enjoy being in a more remote spot with the peace and quiet.  There is nothing better than the solitude of a morning in the woods drinking coffee with our son playing contently with legos and cars with the anticipation of biscuits in our dutch oven.  It is heaven.

Mornings with legos and cars are the best!
Every family has things that they do while on a trip or vacation.  It is the same for camping.  Do you like to swim, boat or fish?  Are you looking for prime fishing spots?  Are you a history buff or do you geocache?

Legion State Park in Louisville, MS is the oldest state park in our state.  It is beautiful and well maintained.
Camping goals can be made as a family, couple, with friends or just for yourself.  Our overall goal for this year was to camp every month this year.  The jury is still out if we will make it or not.  I'll come back to that thought.

My husband and I sat down earlier this year and talked about locations and places we wanted to visit.  He had a couple of state parks that he had always wanted to visit.  We quickly put those on the list.  We both wanted to visit the beach.  Pool access and swimming are important during warm weather for our son.  I like hiking.  These things all factored into selected locations.

Our first beach trip of the year was a bit chilly.  We are hoping for warmer weather later this year in Florida!
In your camping goals think about feasibility.  Is it feasible to take a cross country trip in your camper?  How long are you willing to go camping?  Goals can be just to relax more.  And think about something that maybe you have wanted to do while relaxing.  Maybe you want to explore new music while swinging from a hammock.  Or, there might be a book you are dying to read or a journal you have always wanted to start.

Make more hammock time!  That is a goal I need in my life.
Plan your trips around those things you want to do.  And give yourself enough time to book your spots.  Prime locations with all the amenities and activities can really book up quickly.  11 months is typically the longest window out for some prime locations such as beaches.

Our goals were small for this year because we wanted to just enjoy camping as a family and going to places that were nearby.  However, I would like to branch out at some point.  Those goals will come in future years.  Remember to set reasonable goals.  You don't have to do everything in one year.  Maybe make a camping bucket list and check off a few things each year.

The best thing about camping goals is that you have something to anticipate and look forward to doing.  Camping won't just be something you do.  It will become an activity that you are planning with something specific in mind.

More time around a campfire with friends.  Does it get any better?
It isn't just about location either.  Maybe you really love food and want to cook different meals at your campsite.  Or, you might want to try to some gear or activities.  Think outside of the box.  Camping goals could include a remodel or new gear.  I have already asked my husband for a kayak for Christmas this year.  Next year, my new kayak will be part of the camping goals for me.

If you have been camping for a while, maybe it is time to shake things up a bit.  For us and this year, our goal was simple.  Camp once a month.  At the end, we will see how we did.  And we aren't competing with anyone!

Did you set a camping gear for this year?  If so, what was it?  It's never too late to set a goal for your camping season.  Think of something new to try, and set a goal to do it.  I think that having a goal pushes me to do something because I have said out loud to myself or someone else that there is something that I intend to do.  Get outside and enjoy life at a campsite with your family, friends or yourself.  It is the best way to decompress from the day to day life!  Be sure to check out my Camping Gadgets and Gear page for more ideas that you can use.

Share some of your camping goals ideas that you have in mind.  I love hearing from readers about their camping experiences.  We are still learning as we go, and I know that our goals will change as we learn more from our activities outdoors as a family.  Most importantly, get our there are enjoy the great outdoors.


  1. Hi! We finally bought a used pop up after tent camping for 9 years. The one thing we haven’t figured out is durable (reusable) tablecloths. I hate buying one of the plastic ones each trip and would like one or two that we could wash/dry and reuse. Any suggestions?

    1. So! This is probably not going to be the answer you want to hear. But, there are two ways to go here. I have started using fabric table cloths a lot because I have lots of them and just wash and go. However, if you are wanting an option that you can wipe and is more durable, check out oil cloth tablecloths. They are thicker and much more durable. You can buy them or just buy the oil cloth itself. They are more expensive, but you can wipe and reuse many more times that the typical vinyl ones. But, I still love the fabric table cloths. You can get them at Dollar General for less than $10, and they hold up well. This is what I use most all of the time. Great question! And happy camping!!!

  2. Thanks! I will keep using the disposable ones since you can sanitize before every meal due to the amount of critters that seem to visit overnight and leave their little footprints everywhere. Lol

    1. Look! I feel your pain. Those raccoons are something serious! So I know. You could also take up the cloth ones after meals an just put out before a meal. Nothing is always simple with camping. I wish I had a better answer for you. Either way...enjoy your time outdoors! :)


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