6 Handy Accessories for Your Pop Up Camper

There are lots of lists and references available to get you ready for your first camping trip.  No list is going to have everything you absolutely need on it.  And even with a comprehensive list, there are always little gadgets and items you will find a need for after you start to travel.  Small, compact, lightweight and efficient are all very important in a tiny pop up camper.

After you have purchased your camping essentials, what are some handy accessories that ar really handy to have at your campsite?  I have six items that I think make life better in simple ways

1.  Camco Leveling Blocks with T-Handle

A level camper is a safe camper.  When we first started camping, we used bricks and wood blocks to help level our camper.  Camco Leveling Blocks are lightweight and durable.  We recently purchased a set that has a little plastic "T" handle that keeps them in place in a neat stack.  Unscrew the "T" handle to remove a number of leveling blocks needed.  Stack and replace the "T" handle to store.

I wish that we had purchased these sooner. They are easier to transport than bricks and wood blocks and work great!  Camco 44512 Yellow FasTen Leveling Block with T-Handle, 2x2 (Pack of 10)

This stack of leveling blocks is lightweight to transport and carry easily.  

2.  Awning Roller Ball

Metal camper doors have sharp edges.  Protect your awning from ripping and tearing with an awning roller ball.  Once installed, this roller ball protects your awning as it rolls along under the awning. Installs simply with a few screws and can slide to work at an angle.  Camco 42005 Awning Roller Ball with Screen Door Slide

3.  Pop Up Garbage Can

Space is everything in a camper.  It is also important to have your garbage zipped shut to keep your garbage free of critters.  We have a pop-up garbage can that we use at our camp site.  It is made of durable plastic.  We can easily clean out and collapse for storage.  At night, we zip it closed to keep everything confined.  We don't have any experience with bears since we don't camp in bear country, but this setup works great for us in the deep south.  It is a wise inexpensive investment for your gear.

4.  Charging Cube

We keep an RV Designer Powerqube in our front drawer.  It has 2 electrical ports and 3 USB ports.  This cube charges devices quickly and keeps everything in one neat place without having wires all over the place.  We have three outlets in our camper with 2 electrical ports each.  However, this is much easier to plug in all of our devices at one location out of the way.  It charges really quickly and is so much simpler.

5.  Water Filter

Make sure that you have plenty of clean drinking water while you camp.  Camco Water Filters screw onto the city water connection and provide clean water at your site.  The best price that I have found on these filters is at Wal-Mart.  A 2-pack is less than $25.  A friend told me about these, and I'm forever grateful.  I don't feel like I have to take bottled water on every trip.  Camco Water Filter, 2 Pack - Walmart.com

Pick up a pack of water filters.  You will have one for now and one for later.  

6.  Awning Clips for Lights

I like decorating our camper with awning lights.  RV Designer makes several styles of awning light clips that are sturdy and for many different types of lights.  From rope lights to standard string lights, find a clip that works for your set up.  RV Designer M111 Klippy Clip, (Pack of 10)

Awning light clips come in a variety of styles for different kinds of lights.

7.  Pop Up Gizmos

Make your pop up camper more energy efficient with a set of Pop Up Gizmos.  These bunk end blankets help keep in cool air during summer and warm air in the winter.  They also protect the canvas from harsh UV rays, tree sap, and passing birds.  We purchased a basic set and love them.  However, you might consider the higher wind options because even if you don't camp in windy areas, storms can and do happen.  Our pop up gizmos blew off in a storm last month.  A high wind option might be better.  This is a great product and a must for pop-ups!  You can read a full review of Pop Up Gizmos from a previous blog post.  Well worth the money and much easier than making your own.

Pop Up Gizmos are a game changer for keeping in cool air or keeping in heat.

What accessories do you find handy at your camp site?  I'm sure that there are many other things that could be added to this list.  These are just a few of my favorite.  Prioritize your list of wants for your camper and add a little bit to gear each month.  Before long you will be a camping pro!

This post contains Walmart and Amazon Affiliate Links.