Got Parts? Where to Find Supplies to Repair and Update Your Camper

The hubster repairing Peggy Sue's roof.
We have made quite a few updates to our pop up camper this year.  Finding parts for our projects has been both easy and difficult at times.  Where do I go to find parts for our pop up camper?  I have several resources that I have come to depend on for reliable products that work for us.  The first hurdle is finding a resource and product lines that you can trust.

1.  JR Products

JR Products provides replacement parts for RV's.  I have used their parts to replace three different items on my camper so far.  We have replaced our city water inlet, electrical hatch and drainage ports.  The parts are easy to install.  They are high quality and work perfectly.  If you are looking for basic maintenance replacement parts, this is a dependable brand.  Their parts are widely available at RV dealerships as well as Amazon.  I have purchased JR Product parts from both.  Their website has a full listing of their products.  You can always request additional information any part that you may not find readily available at your retailer.  This company answers questions quickly.  They are friendly and always helpful!

City water inlet, electrical hatch and drainage port that have all been replaced.

2.  Pop Up Parts

Specific parts for your pop up camper like lift systems and other very specific items can be found at Pop Up Parts.  This is where I found the replacement pegs for my pop up camper door.  I had basically given up on finding this part.  No one else had it.  One dealership had even suggested that I might need to replace the whole door.  I was unwilling to replace an entire piece for a simple part that needed replacing.  After a couple of emails, I was able to find what I needed and made a simple repair!  If they don't have what you need on their website, I would still encourage you to reach out to them in case they are able to point you in the right direction.

These replacement pegs were purchased for less than $20 and were installed in about 10 minutes!

3.  Coleman Pop Up Parts

Coleman Pop Up Parts does sell Coleman specific parts, but I was also able to use this as a resource for finding a piece to repair my Jayco pop up camper door insert.  It never hurts to check with another brand.  Sometimes parts are similar and work on other models.  Always email and ask specific questions.  My door has been a struggle to work on.  Finding parts has been a hassle, but I am relentless.  The gentleman at Coleman Pop Up Parts took a look at my pictures and was able to help me make an informed decision about the channel glazing that I needed to reinsert my door piece back in place.

Even after the new channel glazing arrived, I emailed another time to ask for advice about putting everything back together.  I received a prompt response with more helpful information to finish my project.  Stay tuned.  I'll do a full post on how I repaired my door.  I can't wait until it is no longer being held together with medical tape!

I purchased some channel glazing from Walmart that didn't work.  I finally found the right product from Coleman Pop Up Parts for my Jayco pop up camper!

4.  Local RV Dealership

When we first were working on our camper, I was nervous about ordering our city water inlet that we needed to repair.  I found a part that I thought would work on Amazon but was not sure.  I used our local dealership.  I ended up with the same part but with the peace of mind that it would work!

More recently, I needed a propane hose for our camper.  I almost bought a piece from Lowes.  But, after calling Aberdeen RV, I discovered that home propane hoses and RV ones are completely different on the connectors.  Again, this saved me from buying the wrong part.  Even if you pay a little more at the dealership, getting the right part the first time is worth something.  I'm willing to pay it if it saves me from running around and buying the wrong parts then having to return them all.  Time is money.  Sometimes it saves to pay a little more!

If you are new to this and trying to figure things out as you go, start with your local dealership.  Aberdeen RV is who we use all of the time.  They are amazing to work with and give lots of guidance on what we should do!  The service is outstanding.

5.  Amazon

I do buy a lot of the things that I need from Amazon.  They carry most of the major brands.  For universal things that I need like lap sealant and basic needs, this is a great go to resource.  The only thing to remember is that you probably need camper specific items.  I have found that a lot of time regular home products don't always work with an RV.  I learned this both with my propane hose and door insert repair.   If you know what you need and are sure of what you are doing, Amazon is perfect.  Prices are great and shipping is fast.  But for the more specific RV needs, sometimes Amazon is not your place.  It really depends on what you need and your level of expertise when locating the actual part.

The supplies for my countertop makeover came from Amazon.

Here are some tips to getting the right parts for what you need when repairing your pop up camper.
  • Take pictures of what you are starting with or working with - original or at least original to you parts!
  • Email and ask questions from the dealer or store that you are looking to purchase from.  You can even post a question on Amazon.
  • Be specific.  Identify the brand of RV, model and as much information as you can give.
  • Be persistent.  I have had to go to multiple places asking questions before finding the right channel glazing for my door and for my door pegs.  Don't give up!  
  • Follow others on social media that are doing the same things that you are doing.  This is a great place for ideas and asking questions.
  • Join a social media group or a group like the pop-up portal as a resource for asking questions and connecting with campers.  There are also Facebook groups that you can join.  I belong to Pop Up Camper Owners on Facebook.  It is an excellent resource.
Even if you are brand new to camping and are remodeling a camper for the first time, you can do it.  There are so many resources, groups, and individuals out there that share your enthusiasm for camping.  You won't be on your own for long.  I feel like every week I learn something new either from my own projects or another camper that I have connected with on social media.  

It's a big world out there.  But, social media has made it a little smaller and easier to connect and gain valuable information.  It can be your best resource as a camper.  If you are looking for other products that I have used when remodeling our pop up camper, visit my Pop Up Camper Remodel page.  I have a full list of products there.  Have a great week!