Ring That Dinner Bell! 5 Favorite Camping Recipes for Your Best Meals Yet

Campground cooking is the best.  We love simple meals that can serve double duty as left overs or just ones that don't require a lot of work and prep at the campground.  I typically use our 2 burner stove, a grill, and a Dutch Oven to prepare most every meal.  It is a break from my routine at home and yields flavorful results that our family devours.  Here are my five favorite camping meals and recipes to get you started at your next campsite.

1.  Angel Biscuits

Preparing food at home that I can freeze and defrost as I travel is a winner.  I make a batch of these biscuits and place them in the freezer until the morning we leave.  I place them in the cooler and allow them to thaw until the next morning and bake in my Dutch Oven.  The best part of these biscuits is that they can be made into three different variations.  From this one dough, you can have plain biscuits, pigs in a blanket or cinnamon rolls.  I don't know which one my family prefers.  Since they make a big batch, you can enjoy them both at home and at your campsite!  Angel Biscuits Three Ways

Place your biscuits in cake pans so that you can bake them in a Dutch Oven at your campsite.

2.  Chicken Street Tacos

This makes a meal of simple grilled chicken that you can serve with crumbled cheese, lime wedges, and avocado.  Add a little fruit on the side and you have an excellent summer meal.  You can start your marinade the morning you leave and have ready to go on the grill the night you arrive.  Or just premix your marinade and take with you and marinate at the point on your trip that you want to use it.   And remember that you don't have to be camping to enjoy this recipe.  We make these at home too!   Grilled Chicken and Avacado Street Tacos 

Street tacos can be topped with fresh ingredients for a no fuss meal!

Serve your tacos on a large tray with chopped onion, lime wedges, sliced grilled chicken, warm tortillas, and avocado.

3.  Steak and Potatoe Foil Packets

My husband appreciates a steak dinner.  I like these foil packets on our first night for a manageable dinner.  Slice potatoes and put on the bottom of your packet, add garlic, onion and cubed ribeye steaks with salt, pepper, and butter.  Wrap and pack.  Then grill at your site.  The meat is tender and well seasoned.  No utensils needed except a fork.  Use leftovers for a steak and egg scramble!  Hobo Foil Packets

These hobo foil packets are best made with 1/2 ribeye steak and 1/2 large potato each.  This seems to be the perfect amount and doesn't take too long to cook.

4.  Buffalo Chickpea Dip/Spread

You don't have to be a vegetarian to savor this dip.  It is cool, creamy, crunchy and spicy.  One batch of this can be packed into 2-pint size mason jars to travel with to a campsite or even a picnic.  We had this on our last camping trip.  My husband really loved this.  This will make a recurring appearance on our camping table.  Buffalo Chickpea Spread

Buffalo Chickpea Spread travels well in a mason jar!

Serve as a sheet pan meal with cured meats, sliced peppers, pita wedges, fruit and fresh cheese.  Its like a twist on hummus for a summer snacking meal!

5.  Dutch Oven Pizza

Yes, you can have homemade pizza at your campsite.  I use a no knead pizza crust that you can mix your dry ingredients at home then add oil and water at your campsite.  Let it sit all day to rise and bake in your dutch oven at night.  It doesn't get better than this.  I use a whole wheat crust.  We bake our pizza in cake pans inside of the Dutch Oven.  You will have a chewy, thick crust.  Add whatever ingredients your bunch fancies for a campfire treat!  Jim Lahey's No Knead Pizza Dough

This pizza makes light work of a family favorite!

If you are looking for more meals and recipe ideas for your campsite, check out my Camping Lists and Menu's Page.  Camping isn't the main event at our campsite, but it does make memorable meals that are requested both at home and on the road.  It is a real treat to cook and eat leisurely outdoors, so I make the most of this time by relishing every minute.

Campsite meals are my happy place!