Thank You for Being a Friend - Guest Bloggers 2017

One of the best things that I did for my blog this year was incorporating Guest Bloggers.  While I enjoy writing and sharing information here, I have great friends and family that enjoy the outdoors as much as I do.  I am so thankful that each of these ladies took the time to share something special on my blog this year.  As I wrap up this year, my last post of 2017 is my way of thanking each of them for being a friend.  I am actually watching the Golden Girls while I write this.  More than a little fitting I think!

Our niece and nephew, Jackson and Carolyn Godell, have renovated at 1974 Airstream that they host for lodging at the Last Best Camper in Livingston, MT.  If you are traveling to Yellowstone National Park, their Air BnB would be an opportunity to stay in an iconic piece of Americana.  Owning an Airstream may be out of your budget, but you can certainly stay in one on your travels.

Jackson and Carolyn paid special attention to each detail as they updated their living space for guests.  Their Airstream is eco-friendly with a composting toilet.  Decorative touches such as the designer backsplash that will travel make the interior look professional.  Even still, sometimes you have to weigh out if you should do the work yourself versus paying a professional.

I enjoyed learning more about their vintage camper since we live so far away.  It was like getting an inside view of a life we miss much across the country.

My college friend Lacy Fitts share some information this year about foraging.  You can enjoy foraging as a way to enjoy fresh food while hiking and camping.  It is something that I am hoping to incorporate into the new year.

After Lacy shared this article in the fall, we went on a day hike.  I collected some mushrooms that I was certain were edible.  Being a constant researcher, I did several internet searches on my phone as we came home.  I discovered a professor at the University of Mississippi that was available by email to review foraged food for consumption.  Almost as soon as I sent the email, I received a response saying DO NOT EAT THOSE MUSHROOMS.  He recommended a book and foraging course he holds each year in June.

I still want to forage with my family.  It is such a great learning opportunity.  Patience and research paid off in this instance, and I think it is so wise to seek out other experts to help along the way!  I'll update again once I complete some successful foraging on my own.

Finally this year, my friend and camping compadre, Christy Rogers contributed to the Southern Glamper with her practical information about camping.  She loves the outdoors and takes her dog Hatchi Bear Rogers with her everywhere.  Her first blog post was about camping safely with dogs.  I believe that anyone that camps with dogs need to read this piece.  You might gain some ideas about new gear and safety tips for your furry camping friends.

Christy also shared a piece this year about camping with friends.  We spent our last camping trip of the year at Oak Mountain State Park camping with Christy, our friends, and family.  It was one of my favorite trips this year.  This piece is a good reminder of what is important when you camp with those you love.

Thank you, ladies, for sharing such sage advice with us this year.  I have learned from each of you, and I feel like I grow as a person from having such a great community of givers around me.  As I close this year, I look forward to 2018 with wonder and excitement.  Peace. love and joy to each of you as step into a new year filled with new experiences, new people and new knowledge that makes our world a better place.