What's Ahead in 2018

Our family on a non-camping weekend.  This is us at the start of 2018.
Last year, we spent a lot of time renovating our camper and completing projects.  We were finding our way as a family camping.  There were a lot of trial runs and guesswork.  I loved most of it.  The growing pains were good ones that made 2017 worthy of some accolades and alterations for the 2018 year. 

My biggest alteration for the new year is an increased commitment to health and fitness.  Before you stop reading, keep going.  I know that it is cliche to say that I'm going to eat better, work out more and lose weight in the new year.  That really isn't what I'm going for here.

Having had a baby at age 40, I'm trying to return to my younger and healthier self.  I enjoy healthy food and exercise.  I was well accustomed to long bike rides, running and many other activities pre-baby.  I miss doing these things regularly.  These are all activities that I can incorporate into our camping trips throughout the year. 

Family reunion in 2012.  I was 4 1/2 months pregnant in this picture.

Biking in Ireland in 2009.
Our family has enjoyed taking some short day hikes on camping trips previously.  I would like to extend these activities.  Even if I am doing solo hikes, bike rides, walks or runs, I plan to spend more time actively enjoying nature while we camp.  Before Joseph, early morning workouts were the norm for me.  I zipped out of bed and worked out before I did anything else.  As with anything, it is a routine.  Once out of it, returning to a routine is hard.  But, I also know that I can do it. 

Day hike at Tishomingo State Park.
On each trip we plan this year, I will be exploring the campground before we go to make a game plan for the activities I hope to involve.  I could even include early morning or late evening yoga. 

I'll continue to share meal ideas and recipes for our camping trips.  There will be an increased focus on healthier camping meals.  Sure, I do love s'mores.  I'm not even going to try and say that I won't have an occasional one in the new year.  But, I'm looking for more balance.  Yes.  Again.  Another cliche.  I think this year will be anything but cliche, and I hope you will keep following along to see how it all turns out. 

Sheet tray meal with veggies, buffalo chickpea hummus, fruit and other sides for a healthy simple meal.
We have already started to plan our trips for the new year.  We have a trip planned with my cousins at a state park half way between our homes.  I'm excited beyond belief about this opportunity to camp with family. 

There are also camping trips planned with friends at both new and familiar state parks.  But, one of the things that we are consciously doing for the new year is planning to camp near home more often.  I feel like this will encourage us to camp more often and take the pressure off of planning big camping trips. 

Walking Bear Rogers at Oak Mountain State Park in Alabama.
Finally, I do have some projects planned for the new year.  There were two big things that we didn't get done to Peggy Sue last year.  We are going to be replacing her canvas in January.   I'm planning to give her a nice new coat of paint and decals.  These are my major updates for the year. 

Camping themed fabric from Timeless Treasures.
I'll continue to share projects that I do with decorative and camping themed items.  I have a stack of fabric waiting for me to get started. 

As I peer into the new year, I am eager to get started.  If you are experiencing a case of the wintertime blues, check out my Projects Page.  Or you may want to update your camping gear

If you are reading this and thinking about getting started as a camper in 2018, just say yes to that calling.  Rent a cabin at a campground you want to visit.  Reserve a glamping tent.  Or, you could even look for a renovated vintage trailer through Air BnB.  There are so many ways to get outside and enjoy camping.  It doesn't always have to involve buying lots of gear, and RV and a tow vehicle.  You could also just dive in and tent camp.  Let your expectations go and look for ways to disconnect from your daily life and absorb all that nature has to offer us. 

Wishing you a happy and joyous new year in 2018.  As always...