New Year, New Camping Gear - 5 Updates To Get You Going!

New camping gear is just what we need for the season ahead!
We have some specific plans for camping in the upcoming year.  Many of those plans are based on the experiences that we had in the previous year.  I feel like we are starting out this year much more seasoned and knowledgeable about what we want and need for this year.

Last year, we kind of limped through with whatever chairs we had.  We started out with some well-loved chairs that were on their last leg.  No pun intended there.  To make it through, we picked up some $10 chairs from a dollar store.  While they work okay, they aren't great and aren't very comfortable.  If you are going to do any serious camping and sitting around a campfire, get good chairs.

There are so many different kinds of camping chairs on the market.  Be prepared to spend anywhere from at least $30 at the very cheapest on a great sale to about $60.  This price range should get you a really nice chair and holds up well and is comfortable to actually sit in.  Your camper is your home away from home.  You want somewhere comfy to rest your feet.  Just do it.

The three types of chairs that seem to be our favorites are:
  1. Quad Chairs - We have Kijaro Dual Lock Folding Chairs for tailgating and think that they are quality chairs.  The price is also better than many others.
  2. Moon Chairs - I have a new CORE Folding Oversized Padded Moon Round Saucer Chair that I have been stalking for months and am thrilled beyond repair.  I can't wait to use this.  I'm also considering a second one for our son.  It's large and comfy with a little cup holder and headrest attached.  
  3. Zero Gravity Chairs - These are like recliners for the campsite.  My husband has worn out his welcome in our friend's zero gravity chairs.  So, I purchased him one for Christmas.
  4. Caravan Sports Infinity Zero Gravity Chair
Core Moon Chair - sometimes you can't wait for camping to try out the new gear.  
As much as I love pretty things for my camper, all campers need practical things like a good flashlight.  My husband received a new Nebo Slyde+  flashlight from my mother.  This is a small, yet heavy flashlight.  It slides out for a bright LED light that can be transformed into a flashing red light for emergencies.  There is also a traditional light on the end.  And, the flashlight has a magnetic base that makes it easy to fix to a surface for use at night when changing a tire or other place where you might need another hand.  Even if you aren't a camper, this is a good investment.  

Speaking of lights, I purchased our son an Explorer Set for Kids that contains a headlight that he can use it at the campground.  It also has a set of rubberized binoculars that will be fun for hiking.  This price of the kit alone is worth it for the first two items.  The magnifying glass and compass will be fun additions when outdoors.  I thought that this would be a grand opportunity to take advantage of teachable moments while hiking and at the campground during the upcoming year.

Little explorer set has the high-quality gear to get your kid involved in exploring nature up close!

This year seems to be taking on a theme.  Its all about the light!  While I'm shedding a little light on the gear for 2018, one of my new favorite pieces of gear is the MPowerd Luci Light.  The light is inflatable and folds flat.  There is a little solar panel on the top to charge the light.  Use one of three settings for low, medium or higher lighting.  MPowerd is a company that works to provide sustainable lights to places where electricity may be limited.  I love the mission of this company as well as the product!

The light compresses almost totally flat when deflated.  

Inflate to use and enjoy a warm glow.  We selected the frosted Luci Light

Lastly, we have invested in some better footwear for hiking and outdoor activities while camping.  I have been researching better footwear for a while.  After all of our research, we ended up with 2 brands that I had not really even planned to look at.  I purchased a pair of Oboz Women's Luna Low Hiking Shoes.  These are a brand that I have never heard of.  When trying these on, the gentleman helping me showed me the insole of the Oboz and the competitor that I was considering.  The insole itself is worth the purchase.  Go for function and performance in a shoe for hiking.  While I like these shoes, I really did not care how they looked because I want the functionality on the trail while hiking.

Oboz Luna Low Hikers
My husband selected a KEEN Men's Targhee II Hiking Shoe.  This is also a brand that we had not considered for a hiking shoe.  A familiar brand, but my research had lead me to consider different shoe suggestions to him.  My husband immediately liked this shoe and how it fit his foot.

We have quite a bit planned for this new year.  We have the gear to do it.  It will be fun sharing our adventures over the next 12 months.  I hope you will follow along as we do.

If you have new gear, I'd love to hear about it.  Comment and share your favorite new gear or gear that is tried and true that you have at your campsite.  You can also check out my Camping Gear page for more ideas.  If you are new to camping, stop by my Pop Up Remodel Page for lots of ideas and planning lists to help you get started.

A happy new year and as always...

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