Free Camping Themed Valentine Printables

Free camping themed printable Valentine cards.
I was the kindergarten teacher making three dimensional decorated doors for every season with loads of hot glue.  I stayed after school getting my bulletin boards just right and organizing learning games.  I'm an overachiever.  And, I'm an overachiever that likes to share.  I would stay late helping with school-wide displays, planning school carnivals, and afterschool activities.  What's the fun in doing something that you enjoy and not having someone to share it with?

Those days of overzealous classroom decorating are long gone.  Now, I'm the mom running to Walmart or Walgreens to grab a pack of picked over Valentines.  I'm standing there feeling the frustration of yet another holiday party while I scroll through cute Pinterest worthy Valentines other mother's share on social media. 

This year, I scraped up some of that leftover preschool teacher zeal and made my own camping themed Valentines that I'm sharing with you.  It feels like old times in a very virtual way!

You do not have to be creative to make cute holiday Valentines.  First, download and print the Camping Themed Valentine Printables.  There are 3 different cards with 2 of each on an 8 1/2 by 11-inch sheet.  Print on cardstock and cut out to use.  Don't worry about envelopes.  You can write on the back of each one.  KISS it!  Keep it simple silly!

These cards have three simple themes that you can use to personalize just for you. Customize based on these three phrases:
  • I need s'more friends like you.
  • Let's roll Valentine.
  • You make life brighter.

Be creative and use candy or little cars to add a little pizzaz to your Valentine game!

Pick up a bag of Tootsie Pops or Tootsie Rolls  to make a very easy Valentine.  You could attach a single Tootie Pop to the card.  Or, make a little goodie bag with Tootsie Rolls with the card attached.

Simply tape the Tootsie Pop to the card for a simple treat.

Or, if you are looking for something different to do for a little boy in your life, attach the card to a Hot Wheels Car.  This is a fun, non-candy alternative.

I like to use a hole punch and twine to attach my cards to gifts.

For the s'mores themed card, create a little s'more treat bag.  Grab some marshmallows, chocolate and graham crackers to place in a bag.  You could even make up a batch of Nutella S'mores Bars.  Slice up and add one to each bag and hand to friends.  And if you are feeling really lovey, give away the whole pan!

You can purchase individual chocolate bars of any kind.  We had these Trader Joe Bars at home that work well.

Pack your treats into a holiday bag or even a plain zip lock bag.  Your Valentine will make this treat anything but plain!

Finally, you can create a variety of options for the cards that say, "You Make Life Brighter".  Attach the card to a candle or a key fob with a light.  You could even attach to a flashlight or camping lamp of some sort.  

I could really get creative here just because I love the gear!  I am really in love with the MPowerd Luci Light.  The Luci Light would be amazing for a camping friend!  You could even attach a pack of long matches for lighting campfires or similar tool for grown-ups.  Don't put fire in the hands of children.  But a child in your life would probably love to have their own headlamp.

With lights as a theme, you can add anything to this card to make it fun!

A candle is a good option for this card.  You can pick up many different scents at any store.  I also like to look for WoodWick Candles on sale at Cracker Barrell!

Minature flashlights make a practical gift for teachers or baby sitters.  
Now that I've shared all of my Valentine ideas with you, get your paper and printer out.  I love the uncomplicated nature of something I can print and forget it.  Plus, you can print these Valentines in your pj's without ever having to get in line at a store.  

Or you could do what I do - have them printed at a local shop.  It will save your ink and keep you from having to buy cardstock if you don't have it.  I just email my order to the print shop and pick them up on my way home from work.  

If you get creative and take on this project, be sure to share your camping vibes on social media.  Tag me with #southernglamper on Instagram or Twitter.  I'd love to see your Valentine happy's!  

Be sure to share this post and spread the love.  And as always...

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