3 Workouts I'm Loving Right Now

This is my work out view on many mornings at home.  It makes for a nice way to start the day.
Over my life, I've participated in a variety of exercise options and classes.  I've had a personal trainer.  Boot Camp Classes were once something I loved.  Gym memberships were a regular part of my life for many years.  It's not that I don't love any of these things.  But, my lifestyle has changed.  And, so has my weight.  Finding balance amidst change is so incredibly hard.  This year, I'm on that journey.

When I was my healthiest, I cannot look back an attribute that to anything but me.  I made the time and commitment.  I had the drive and determination.  I feel like I'm reclaiming those things about myself.  And, I like it!  

Three workouts that I'm loving right now are simple.  These are workouts that I can take with me and do anywhere.  Anything else I do is a bonus.  And I've had plenty of bonus workouts lately.  

1.  Pod Runner Interval First Day to 5K

This podcast series is actually 10 years old!  At the beginning of each segment, there are some little nuances that will date the episode.  The first episode refers to sharing the podcast with others on My Space.  

However, this podcast is timeless!  It provides the listener with a structured workout that fluctuates from walking to running throughout the episode.  Each week, the listener should complete three workouts.  There are 10 weeks to this program that should get the listener ready for a 5K race in that period of time.

Podrunner Intervals is an excellent way to get into shape.
But, if you have not been a runner, no worries.  You can redo a week if needed and extend the time to fit your body.  I've been making my 'run days' Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  I love them.  Running is something that I've missed.  It is going to take me a long time to get back to where I was, but I'm in that direction.  

These workouts can be done anywhere.  I do them both at home and on the road.  At home, I run in my neighborhood early in the morning.  At hotels, I use the gym and a treadmill.  

2.  Arm Workout

My running is targeting lots of leg movement.  I'm balancing this with some arm exercises.  Pinterest is a great place to find workouts that you can use on the go!  I have a Pinterest Workout Board where I save workouts for me to use.  I seek out activities that I can do with little or very basic equipment.  

I try to get in at least 2 arm workouts each week.  Sometimes I do more.  Right now I'm doing the Toned Arms in 7 Days Workout.  I'm going to go ahead and tell you it is going to take me more than 7 days to accomplish this, but I like this workout.

You can do this work out with a couple of dumb bells.  

I have some little dumb bells at home that I use for this.  At the gym in hotels, I can use their dumb bells for this workout.  

3.  30 Day Ab Challenge

I love a 30-day challenge work out.  These workouts tend to be gradual, but they are effective.  Right now, I'm doing the 30 Day Summer Abs Challenge.  This workout requires no equipment.  Just make the time and do it.  These exercises can be done at any time and anywhere.

No equipment required for this workout!

Bonus Workouts

When I'm not running on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, I'm doing something.  On weekends, I may take a long walk with my family.  I love the Beachbody Workouts that I can do online.  Sometimes at a hotel gym, I just do a walk on the treadmill.  And, this past week, I did a Boot Camp Workout with a co-worker.

Soon, I'll be dusting off my bike and get out to start riding again.  I miss her, and I loved the results of regular bike rides.  I was in great shape then.  

The bottom line for me is more activity.  My fitness tracker shows much more activity than what I was doing in the previous year.  I'm trying to average at least 10K steps a day.  Believe it or not, this does make a difference.  

When you are at the campground this season, you can still work out.  Take the time to run, hike or walk.  But, you could also take your yoga or other workouts with you too.

Save this post so that you can come back to it later or pin it to your Pinterest board.  Be sure to share this on social media to motivate others that are working towards a healthier life.  And as always...