5 Environmentally Conscious Decisions You Can Make at the Campground

Preserve this view for future generations with the decisions you make now.

I was the nerdy teenager, obsessed with the environment around my junior year of high school.  I had just gotten my hands on a copy of The Green Consumer, and I am still passionate about environmental causes.  These days I'm a little quieter about my causes.  I choose to live purposefully and by example.  Today I'm sharing 5 simple things that you can do at the campground that will pack a big punch!  These are all things that you can impress upon your children just by making these changes part of your everyday habits.

  1. Kick the water bottle habit!
More than 60 million plastic bottles end up in landfills and incinerators every DAY.   This year, we are using a ZeroWater PitcherI keep the water pitcher filled an on our table or countertop.  The handy spout at the base allows us to fill up cups or water bottles with ease.  This is water you can feel good about drinking and will replace all of those plastic bottles you are lugging to the campground!

The ZeroWater Pitcher is an excellent way to kick the water bottle habit!

       2.  Real Dishes

We have a set of plastic dishes that we use at the campground.  Even though some discouraged me from this early on, I still love my dishes and don't mind washing them.  It is one less thing that I have to keep stocked in my camper.  I always have them.  And, food just tastes better on a real plate to me!

And while you may be thinking that it takes water to wash the dishes.  Some may wonder which is worse - washing the real plate or using a paper one?  Well, much of the problem of disposable paper products are in the production and transportation of these products over and over. 

I purchased my set last year from Big Lots.  I really love how they look.  And they have held up well.  Spring is prime time to look for these items since there are lots of plastic plates at stores for outdoor entertaining.  Be on the lookout for lots of different patterns and colors that would fit into your camping decor.

Look for dishes you can take to the campground in the seasonal aisles of stores now!

       3.  Cloth napkins

Earlier this year, I made a set of cloth napkins with a camping theme.  Don't start rolling your eyes just yet.  They are both cute and very functional.  I just wash them with everything else when we get home.  Again, it's about less waste.  Cloth napkins mean less waste that goes directly into the landfill.

And you don't have to make your own.  You can always pick up a set from Amazon.  Cotton Craft 12 Pack Gingham Checks Oversized Dinner Napkins - Red

Cloth napkins can be made or bought.  I love how these turned out!

      4.  Recycle

Even if you are using real plates and napkins and refusing to use bottled water, you are going to have items at the campground that could be recycled.  Take an extra garbage can for recycling.  We have had a Coghlan's Pop-Up Camp Trash Can that zips closed.  Since this folds flat, you could easily add a second one to your gear for recycling without taking up too much space in storage.

Items that are not biodegradable are slow to break down in a landfill.  Many times you can recycle items to keep them from ending up in a landfill taking up space and staying there for years!

      5.  Cleaning products

Environmentally friendly cleaning products are more accessible now than ever.  You can make your own cleaning products from simple ingredients like vinegar, borax and baking soda.  Some use essential oils in their natural cleaning products.

Seventh Generation is a tried and true brand.  This is the first environmentally friendly store brand that I ever purchased.  I still think this is an excellent product.  You could start out with basic Seventh Generation Disinfecting Multisurface Cleaner or the Seventh Generation Disinfecting Multi-Surface Wipes.  This company has everything from toilet paper to paper towels, laundry detergent and more.

I'm currently finishing up some Honest Company products that I really love.  But I may go back to Seventh Generation after I finish these.  I really love their line and how long this company has been working to preserve our environment.

If you make one choice to do something eco-friendly at the campground this year, you have done a good deed for the nature you enjoy.  These changes can be incremental and have long-lasting benefits.  Once you are in the habit of these changes, you will wonder why it took you so long!

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