Re-purpose Those Kitchen Gadgets for Camping Meals

The Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker is perfect for making sandwhiches on the road!

What happens to that little graveyard of kitchen gadgets that are forgotten but you haven't gotten rid of yet?  Before you tag these things for a yard sale or give them to a local thrift shop, take a second look at what you have.  You may have some things at home that would be perfect for your RV.

Christmas is usually when you get those little contraptions that seem useful at the time and then don't get the play you anticipated. If you aren't the giver of such gifts, chances are you are the receiver.  I've been both!

Several years ago, I sat on my sofa in a "virtual line" on Target's website to order my husband a Hamilton Beach Breakfast, Sandwich Maker.  Cyber Monday will never be the same!  First, I didn't even know there was such a thing as a virtual line until that moment.  Second, I still can't believe how much time was wasted to get something that we have probably made a dozen egg sandwiches in over the time it has been at our house.  Three of them were made last weekend.

Stick with me.  I'm going somewhere with this.  A few months ago Craig said, we should take our waffle maker camping with us because we hardly use it at home.  At the time I was all "yeah yeah..." and kept going.  But, in reality, (Craig this is for you!), he was right!

I don't have a full kitchen in Peggy Sue.  I have two outdoor burners.  My Dutch Oven is in regular rotation.  Recently, I added a Coleman Camp Oven.  And, while it is really enough, there are some tools that work well for camping and they also take up very little space!

If this post has gotten you thinking, be on the lookout for things like:
  • Nutribullet or similar smoothie making deal
  • Breakfast Sandwich Makers
  • An old toaster
  • Waffle Maker
  • Sandwich Maker, Panini Press or similar item
  • Electric Skillet
  • Small crock pots for making dips, etc.
Depending on the amount of space, these items could live permanently in your camper.  Or, they could be rotated in and out as needed.  It really depends on you.  You are looking for small tools.

Also, think about how and what you cook.  This should drive what gadgets get the boot and those that earn the right to stay.  Do you make a big breakfast but want to try something new?  This is the perfect way to shake it up.  

Items I would shy away from would be large and bulky items like:
  • Traditional, large blenders that take up a lot of space.
  • Oversized crock pots
  • Large Waffle Makers that flip - like the ones you see at hotels
How could you use your "newly discovered" treasures?  Here are a few ideas to get you started.
  1. Smoothie type blender - Make up a batch of margaritas or daiquiris.  Have a smoothie bar for breakfast.  Or, use it for making sauces for meals.  
  2. Breakfast Sandwich Makers - Have a sandwich bar to make sandwiches for any meal, not just breakfast.  Use English Muffins, cheese, meats, eggs or any other protein.  
  3. Waffle Maker - Anyone could make waffles for breakfast but why not do an evening "breakfast for dinner"?  Do a waffle bar.  I've even seen those cinnamon roll waffle things!  Or go savory and make hashbrowns in the waffle maker.  You could also do cornbread waffles and have them with chili!
  4. Small Crock Pot - Use this to make up a batch of dip for an appetizer or a meal for 2!  This would also work for overnight oatmeal.
  5. Electric Skillet - This will make just about any one-pot meal.  It works well for pancakes, hot dogs or anything really.  I like using this when it is raining and can't cook outdoors.  
Before you head out and stock up on gadgets for your camper, look around your house and see what you have.  Many times, we have things stashed away that we forget but could have a new life on the road!  Both our waffle maker and sandwich maker are making appearances later this year at the campground.

I will say that I do love this little Hamilton Beach Breakfast, Sandwhich Maker.  It is non-stick.  It works like a charm and makes some delicious sandwiches that turn out perfect every time.  I mean cheese doesn't even stick.  Cleans up super easy.  I'm actually wondering why I haven't used this more!!!

If you are looking for more camp kitchen ideas, I have pages devoted to that.  Check out my Camp Kitchen Page full of the gear I use for cooking as well as my dishwashing station set up.  There is also a Lists and Menus page that has printable lists and menus for your next camping adventure!

And one more time, for the record...Craig, you were right!  Until next time,

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