Misfit Ray Fitness Tracker Review

Misfit Ray with the sports band option.

I recently bought a new activity band.  And while this isn't technically camping gear, it is active lifestyle gear.  Most campers tend to fall into this category.  If you are active or are trying to become more active, this might be a good item for you.

Misfit makes a variety of activity bands and smartwatches.  They come in a variety of styles and price points.  Basically, they make something for everyone.  I went with the Misfit Ray.  With a sale and coupon, I paid less than $30.  Not bad.

I was a die-hard Jawbone girl until this year when their run was over.  Jawbone wasn't making any more bands, and the servers weren't supporting data.  I had a little bit of a break up moment with this product since I had loved it for 5 years!  Thats a long time!  So I was a little gun shy to dive into a something else.

After some Internet shopping, I found Misfit.  I have the Misfit Ray.  Here is the quick and dirty on this band.
  1. It runs off of three little coin batteres for about 4 months.
  2. No charging.
  3. It syncs with your app that you install on your phone.
  4. It collects data on your movement throughout the day.
  5. It also monitors sleep.
  6. You can also connect with other apps like Map My Run, Nest, and more.
  7. You get a monthly report emailed about your overall progress.  
  8. The app displays clear data on sleep, movement and activities.
Not bad for the price point.  Overall I'm happy.

As you go through the day, the band updates and tracks your progress to your set goals.

But, for every benefit there seems to be a negative.  There aren't a lot of negatives here, but it isn't all smooth sailing.  I want to LOVE this band, but I'm not completely sold yet.
  1. The batteries and kind of awkward to put in and can get stuck incorrectly leaving you to pry them out.  The design here is a bit strange.  
  2. While my band came with 6 batteries, 1 set to use and another replacement set, they were all DOA.  I wish I had known I would need to order batteries when I ordered the band because it was a huge disappointment to get my band and not be able to use it for another week.
  3. Customer service is meh...I wrote to explain that my batteries were dead and that I would have to order a new set because all six were not working.  I got a response saying "Thank you for letting us know.  Glad you could order some new ones."  Okay.  In my shoppers mind, I think it is more appropriate to say, "So sorry you had a bad experience.  Let me ship a new set of batteries at no charge."  I mean I paid for the sets that came with my band and the ones to replace the ones that didn't work.  I even wrote a second time to express my frustration.  No response.  So, I suppose the moral of this story is you get what you paid for.  I got the cheapest band they sell and got the lowest form of customer service.
However, all of this aside, the band works fine.  It does what it says it does.  Once I got everything up and running, I feel pretty happy. 

You get a daily report on your sleep each night.

If you are looking for a new activity band or sports watch, before you run out and buy that Apple Watch, stop and think.  Do you really want to spend that money?  I don't want my text messages and phone calls coming to my wrist.  I don't need to be that connected in my life!  I want a band to track activities and encourage me to get more rest and be more active.  Plain and simple.  The Misfit Ray is just that. 

When you hit your daily goal, the app shows this as well as other updates about your activities.

I'm giving this band a trial run.  I do like their sports watch that has blue tooth capabilities to play my work out playlist over wireless speakers.  It does more things.  And, if I do fall in love, I'll probably upgrade.  But, until then, you find find me wearing my little Misfit Ray and trucking right along. 

Once you have met your goal, the circle closes and continues to track movement.

Do you have an activity band or tracker?  If you do, I'd love to hear what you have and how you like it.  There are so many on the market, and lots of them are good.  If you want more ideas on health and fitness, take a look at 3 workouts that I have been enjoying over the last several months.  

Until next time...