3 Tips for Unpacking From Your Camping Adventure

Don't overlook plans for a successful return home after camping.

You've seen the signs, "I'm sorry for what I've said when setting up."  You may have even said it.  I feel certain my husband and I both have.  We seem to have improved our set up game.  When that trip is over, now what?  How do you tackle getting everything unpacked, cleaned up and back to normal?  You may think that planning for your camping trip is the main part of the work.  Planning for the return home is just as important as planning for your trip.

Take your time packing up at the campground so that things are organized and packed neatly.

Pack with The End In Mind

When packing up at the campground, take in to account what you are going to need to access when you arrive back home.  Here are some easy things that I do:
  • Clean up the camper at the campground.  Otherwise, I'm popping back up to clean and reorganize.
  • Leave an empty tub next to my pop up camper door.  This is the tub where I store linens after they have been washed.  I can open my door and put everything into my tub.
  • Load our SUV with the dirty laundry closest to the back so that we can get it started first.
  • Pack up neatly so things fit into place with ease.

Have A Process or System for Unpacking

I am actually the one that backs the camper down the drive.  Once that is done and we have unhitched and leveled up, we start uploading right away.  We just hunker down and do it.

We have a 1, 2, 3 system for getting it all done in a priority list.
  1. Unload and start the laundry first.  It will take the longest.
  2. Grab the cooler and unload and clean it next so it can dry.
  3. Unload and store all of the camping gear from our car back into our designated spot in our storage shed.
Typically, my husband makes the trips back and forth from the car to the house.  I'm putting away and sorting things back into order inside.  Make sure that everyone in your crew has an assigned job to do.  If everyone has a task and knows what to do, it goes quickly.   Everyone can rest and get ready for the next day at a reasonable time.

Even a quick soup or stew in the crockpot is a way to have a healthy meal at the end of a travel day.

Plan an Easy Meal For Your Return Day

Don't come home and plan to cook a big meal.  And I don't recommend a drive through either.  You can still have a healthy meal without a lot of fuss.  Pick up a rotisserie chicken to add to a salad kit.  Soup and sandwhiches are easy and delicious.  If you are an InstaPot fan, this is could be where you use this gadget.  But have a plan.  

The next time you head out, plan for both your trip and your return.  These three simple steps will make camping manageable and more enjoyable.  Until next time...

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