Pop Up Camper Modifications That We Love the Most

Peggy Sue looks better than she ever has.

Pop up campers are an economical way to get into the RV lifestyle.  Some of us fall in love and can't ever seem to breakup.  I'm finding myself in that category right now.  We updated our pop up camper in ways that functionality and aesthetics would be improved.  The return on my sweat equity investment paid big dividends.  Here is my favorite pop up camper modifications that we did.

The farmhouse backsplash really adds a nice touch to our camper interior.

Farmhouse Backsplash

My most recent update to Peggy Sue is this cabinet door backsplash.  I contemplated this project for months.   I sought out just the right pieces to make it all come together and developed a simple design plan.  It started with an old cabinet door and spindle from a flea market and vinyl tiles.  I attached everything to my cabinet with a wooden connector piece and barrel bolt hardware.  Our space now has a polished, farmhouse look and will keep everything from getting wet when I wash dishes.  It disconnects and lays flat to store when we are traveling.

This was taken on our first camping trip in Peggy Sue.

Faux Finish Barn Door Table

Peggy Sue didn't come with a table when we bought her, so we made our own.  With a cut piece of plyboard, I applied a simple faux finish to achieve a weathered barn wood look.   I added the necessary hardware to set up and take down our table.  When not in use, I can store it flat in our tow vehicle.  Plus, it is made to serve as an extra bed if needed.  Double duty modifications are big winners in my book!

Countertop vinyl is an excellent way to redo your counters for a lot less time and money than other methods.


I've seen lots of countertop updates in pop-ups.  I went the vinyl route on this project.  Use a product that is manufactured for this purpose.  Countertop vinyl is thicker and made to last.  2 years later, and our counters still look great.  You will need a heat gun to apply the film. Take your time when applying.  The finished result gives a clean, airy finish.

Give your interior a new look with vinyl on the back of the door.

Interior Door

I did a simple update to our interior door this fall.  I purchased a roll of vinyl adhesive that I applied to the back of our door.  It cost less than $10 for the roll of adhesive film, and it was crazy easy to do.  If you need a little extra width, cut little "wood slats" from the vinyl and apply them to piece it together.  

We drain our grey water into the sewer line using this adaptation.

Grey Water Vent and Drainage

So this is not a pretty modification, but it is a functional one.  Making a vent for your grey water drain is a must.  I used PVC pipe to make this little vent that attaches to my grey water drain.  Then, when we have full hookups, I drain our grey water straight into the sewer line.  You just need a sewer bayonet and grey water adapter to attach.  It is worth the money to pay for full hookups and do this.  But regardless of hookups, make yourself a grey water drain vent.  You can thank me later!

Our PVC Pipe drain vent makes dishwashing easier.

Getting your set up just the way you like it makes a huge difference in your camping experience.  I'm looking forward to this year of camping more than any other because we have done the big work.  Finally, I can kick back and enjoy our hard work.

What are some of your favorite pop up camper modifications?  You can see all of my camper projects on my Projects Page.  Remember to pace yourself and enjoy the journey.  You will love the outcome so much more!

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  1. Love your site. I just bought a 85 star craft. They removed the door lock because they lost the keys, now I can't find a replacement. Do you have any suggestions on how to retrofit another door lock onto it?? The hole opening is 3cm.

    1. Try Coleman Pop Up Parts! This is a great resource for lots of parts. Email them first and see if they can make suggestions based on your model. Happy camping!


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