New LED Interior Lights for Your RV

Green Long Life LED Lights provide plenty of interior light for RV's.
While everything inside of our pop up camper worked, our interior lights did not.  I just bought a cute lamp at Kirkland's and let it go for two years.  Lamps can clutter your counter space and add to what your storage gear between trips.  Working overhead lamps eliminate both of these unnecessary extras in a small space.  I have found the perfect interior lighting for your pop up camper.

While I still like the soft light of my lamp, I'm tired of setting up a lamp and storing a light bulb.
I typically hate overhead lighting.  It is bright and obtrusive.  I prefer soft, ambient lighting.  Green Long Life makes an LED Dome Light with a built-in dimmer switch.  The benefits of this specific light are:
  • Low heat.  Safe to touch.  Especially important in small spaces.
  • 2-way switch - use one or both sides for bright or low light.
  • Designed to withstand power fluctuations within an RV.
  • Bulb life expectancy approximately 100,000 hours.
  • Dimmer switch to control the light.
Even if you have working lights, I would recommend making this change.  These lights are worth it for the features alone.  Seriously!

Green Long Life LED lights are also an energy efficient option for lighting.
The actual installation process is simple.  You will want to do this with your camper unplugged.  Start by removing your old lights.  I had a couple of screws in each of my old lights.

Our old lights were unsightly and dirty.  Even if they worked, I wanted to replace them because they were not aesthetically pleasing.
Once I had them unscrewed, I clipped the wires with wire cutters.  Make sure that you leave enough wire for you to connect your new lights.  Strip a little plastic from the interior wires so that you have a small piece of exposed wire to connect to the new light wires.

Once you remove your light and clip your wires, remove a little plastic to reveal some wire to connect to the new lights.  Your new lights will have two wires to connect.  

Your new Green Long Life lights come with twist-on electrical connectors.  Connect the interior wires from the camper to the wires of the new lights.  There should be two pairs of wires that you are connecting to each other.  There is no right or wrong way to do this here.  Put a cap on the connected end of each pair and screw it on to secure a good connection.  (I didn't get a photograph here.  I obviously got into a hurry.)  Finally, attach your light to the ceiling of your camper with your screws.

When you are finished, your new lighting will look fresh and new in your space.
Now if everything in your camper is working on the electrical side, you will have beautiful lighting!  If not, (which was not the case for us) then you may have some issues.  It is always a good idea to keep extra fuses on hand.  We do.  This is the first thing that we check when we are doing any electrical work.  Your camper will have a fuse box that will show what fuses power the exact electrical sources in your camper.  If your lights are not working, I would check here before you change them out.  Also, check your bulbs.  This could save you some work and heartache. 

This is our box.  One of the fuses is marked for interior lights.

I have a buddy that is an electrician.  He helps me out from time to time.  He quickly diagnosed the problem when my pretty new lights did not illuminate the camper.   The transformer in the inverter box had gone out.  So, he cut this loose from the old power source and added a new one.  He also added a plug for the new transformer so there wouldn't be added plugs.

This is the new transformer.  It is an inexpensive part you can purchase for about $10,

The electrician added an electrical outlet to plug in the new transformer for the lights under my bench so I wouldn't have added cords lying around.  He said this whole process took about 10 minutes!

So, if you are super confused by all of this jargon and electrical work, me too.  Call an electrician.  You may not need to take your RV into the dealership to fix minor issues.  I would glad that I could have this work done at home without a lot of fuss!

Now I have beautiful lighting that can be overhead, soft and ambient.  Having working interior lights simplifies my set up process.  I have one less thing to set up.  I still love low, lamp lights.  But I'd also like to have more counter space in my camper.

What are some of the practical updates that you have made to your RV?  Updated lighting can make a big impact on your interior.  This whole project cost less than $50, and it will increase the value of our camper.  Until next time...

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