Spruce Up for Spring - 3 Safety Updates

The Tundra fire extinguisher is small and light but the perfect size for a pop-up camper.
This is the part of winter where I am dreaming of spring.  I can almost see it and smell it.  Tonight while getting ready for bed, our son asked me when we were going camping.  We all know it is going to be time to go soon.  And, I'm doing a few last minute things to get us ready to go.  This means tackling some important safety updates.

Safety isn't the pretty part of camping, but it is necessary.  As you prepare for your first trip of the year, here are three safety updates that you can do to spruce up for spring.

Fire Extinguisher

Every single RV needs a working and accessible fire extinguisher.  Period.  The wall mount for our fire extinguisher no longer worked and needed replacing.  And we did just that.  We also added a new fire extinguisher.  This ensures that everything actually works.

Automotive Authority makes a recessed wall mount for fire extinguishers.

It fits right into the original wall mount location in out pop up camper.  

Automotive Authority has recessed wall mounts for fire extinguishers.  It fits right into the same spot in our pop up camper as the original one.  You can add a fire extinguisher up to 2 1/2 pounds.  I decided to replace our fire extinguisher with a Tundra aerosol can from First Alert.  I hope I never have to use this, but I feel better knowing I'm prepared for an emergency if I have one!

The Tundra by First Alert is the right size for a small camper and fits into our recessed wall mount holder.

First Aid Kit

Every RV needs a designated first aid kit.  Save yourself the time and money of putting one together by buying one that takes the guesswork out of it for you.  Surviveware has a compact first aid kit that has everything you need in one neat package.  

This kit is organized and labeled.  It has every piece of medical gear you would need for accidents on the go.  It is small enough to clip to your backpack or bike.  So you can take it with you wherever you go.  And, it can also fit in a glove box.  Anyone who is active needs a first aid kit.  Grab one of these and stash it in your gear now for the months ahead.

Compact, but it holds everything that you will need!

This kit is well organized so that you can find supplies when you need them!

Wheel Bearings

Your wheel bearings should be packed every 10,000 miles.  If you have purchased a used RV and don't know when you wheel bearings were last packed, now is a good time.  Someone asked on Instagram this past weekend why this is important.  I didn't have a clue when we first bought our camper either.

We dropped our camper off at a local mechanic that works on trailers to get our wheel bearings packed.

If your wheel bearings have been properly greased, they will alleviate the weight and friction on your wheels.  Over time, this grease will break down and dries up.  And, if neglected, it could be a problem just waiting to happen on the road.

I'm not going to pretend to know how to do this task.  We arranged to have Peggy Sue's wheel bearings done at a local shop.  If you are unsure about where you start, ask friends to recommend a reputable mechanic that can work on trailers.  Or, call an RV dealership.

Take care of your wheels, and they will take care of you!

Having reliable wheels under your RV is key to safe travel.  Our tires are only a year old and are in good shape.  Before every trip, you should be checking your tire pressure.  Keep a tire gauge in your tow vehicle to check your RV before you start out on each trip.  

Spring will be here before you know it.  While you are waiting to hitch up for the first trip of the year, you still have time to tackle a few safety updates that will go a long way this year.  I have also created an RV Safety Checklist that you can use of all the things you need to make sure you have on hand (or have completed) when you are on the road.

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