Cool Down This Spring and Summer with a Portable Ice Maker

Our portable icemaker was on my Christmas Gear Guide and has been an excellent addition to our camping gear!

Spring and summer camping will be here before you know it, and so will the long hot days that come with warmer weather.  When you are lounging in your camping chairs, there is nothing better than an ice cold beverage.  I had been pricing and eyeing portable ice makers for months.  Finally, I have one and feel like it is the perfect partner for the Mississippi heat where we live.

Our portable ice maker has been in its box waiting for camping season to begin since Christmas.  I was so excited to finally give it a try on our recent trip.  Besides the convenience of making cold drinks, why else would you want to purchase a portable ice maker?

  1. I'm tired of making trips to the camp store to purchase ice while camping.  It will be a time saver.  The camp store is not always close.
  2. Without all of these trips to the store, I can see it saving us money over time.  The cost of gas to get to the store to get ice plus the ice itself adds up.  Plus someone is always begging for a snack when we get there.  Now I can eliminate all of that.
  3. I can refill my cooler with ice as I need it.
  4. The ice that is made in my portable ice maker is always clean, so I feel better about what is going into our drinks since I can scoop ice directly from the ice basket in our ice maker.
  5. In a pop-up camper, all of these things are important since you are limited on refrigerator space and won't have a freezer. 
So how does the ice maker work?  Its a really simple device that makes ice quickly!  First, you will want to set your ice maker on the counter or flat space and allow the refrigeration liquid to settle for about an hour.  Once that has happened, you can fill up the water reservoir to the max line.  

The water reservoir is well marked as to how far you can fill it.

After you have filled up your water reservoir, place the ice holding basket into its designated location.  Across the top of the ice maker are the power button, ice size selection and indicator lights for water and ice.  Turn on the power and use the selection button to select the size of ice you want to make.  

After you have filled up the water reservoir, place the ice basket into its location.

I did a timed test to see how long it would take to make a batch of large ice.  This took approximately 7 minutes.  Once ice starts making, it really starts to crank it out.  An indicator light will tell you when the water level is too low in the reservoir or if the ice basket is full.

Close the lid, turn on the power and select the size of the ice you want to make.

Once the ice starts making it will dump into the ice basket.  The indicator light will come on to tell when the basket is full or the water level in the reservoir is too low.

Make a basket of ice before your meals or before bedtime to add ice to your cooler.  I only make ice as I need it.  Therefore, the icemaker isn't running constantly.  

Before you pack up to come home, there is a rubber plug under the water reservoir that you can use to empty the ice maker.  Dry everything completely before you store it.  I like to open the lid and allow it to sit on the counter at home for a while to ensure it is totally dry before it is stored.  

If you have been on the fence about another gadget and tool for your camper, this is a really good one.  My husband isn't a big gadget fan, and he even loves this one.  Being able to make ice on demand is what won him over immediately.  He is still talking about it!  

Igloo makes this particular model aqua, black, red and silver.  I have aqua and love that it matches Peggy Sue.  But, you could pick from a variety of colors.  With a portable ice maker this summer, you will have your A game on for entertaining, saving time and money!  And what more can you ask for?

For more camping gear ideas, check out my Camping Gear Page.  I have all of the things there that we use on a regular basis for camping.  And if you are looking for printable lists and menus to help get you organized while you are on the road, I have a Lists and Menu Page too!

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  1. Hi Grace, I've been thinking about a ice maker, did you compare models? How much counter space does it take up. I am an ice lover and it's a pain to keep bagged in the freezer which means I don't have stuff for other things. After using it do you really think it's worth the space and cost>

    1. Hi Kathy! I didn't compare models. It doesn't take up a huge amount of counter space. The product dimensions are 9.6 inches wide and 12.4 inches going back. So think about the size of a piece of paper, and it would be about that. Its a little over 14 1/2 inches tall. So, I don't think its huge. I do think it is worth the counter space and the cost. It makes ice relatively fast. You aren't going to have to be running back and forth to the store. Bags of ice cost anywhere from $2.50 on up. During the summer, you may buy 4 to 5 bags on a camping trip. If you camp 10 times in year, you have paid for an ice maker. This is just my logic. We have friends that love theirs too. You have clean ice for drinks. You have ice for your cooler. Its a win no matter what. And it does fit on the counter. And some even put theirs outdoors. It just depends on your set up. Hope this helps!

  2. Hi to pop up so have a lot of you use solar covers for the bunks do they stay on when you put it down or do you take them off.
    SECOND..i bought a 98 Taos this year so we could get out of a tent.the awning on it is all good but he bag...zipper is broken and large holes on both ends because they over stuffed it before me. What do I do?

    1. Hi Jason! The solar bunk end covers should go on and come off after each trip. We just folded ours and placed them into a bin that was stored in our pop up. I'm not sure about the bag for your awning. I get this question a lot. Shade Maker Awnings is the company that made ours. I would recommend reaching out to them or a manufacturer that sells them to see if they could work with you on this. Thanks again. I hope you enjoy camping as much as we do!


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