Read, Write and Sleuth - Scavenger Hunts for the Campground

Memorial Day Scavenger Hunt printables you can use!
My husband loves a good pun more than anyone I know.  When I titled this post, I felt like a champ.  He is the king of corny jokes, but I love a good game and activity.  He, on the other hand, loves a good nap and would rather not be bothered.  With Memorial Day kicking off the summer camping season, scavenger hunts are a fun way to get everyone involved in a game or activity at the campground or anywhere your crew may gather.  I have a couple ready for you to print and use!

Get your red, white and blue on with a little Memorial Day Scavenger Hunt fun!
Some people like scavenger hunts with a little more structure.  Others like activities that allow for a little more flexibility.  I'm providing two scavenger hunt activities that do both.  One list of specific things to seek.  The second gives you letters that you use to guide you to find things that begin with the letters that spell out Memorial Day.  Either of these activities could be used to entertain a group before or after dinner.  There isn't a right or wrong time or day to do this.  

With either of these activities, you will want to:

  • Print your sheets before heading out to the campground, party or gathering.  1 per person or group you plan to have.
  • Include a pencil, pen or clipboard per group as needed.
  • Establish a time limit for your game.  This encourages a challenge.
  • Set a perimeter.  If you are doing this at the campground, you can determine if you can only play on the loop where you are camping, etc.  
You can establish clear rules and time limits for your group.  For grown-ups, you may want everyone to do their own hunt.  For children or groups with children, divide into teams or pairs.  But make it fun.  When you are done, you could give out prizes to the teams or individuals with the most points or unique items found depending on the scavenger hunt you elected to use.  Dollar Tree is a great place for inexpensive prizes! 

Little snickers make a fun consolation prize to the "losing" team.  Give the winners a "payday".  Or you could do something like bubble wands.  I found these at Target.

Prize ideas:

  • Pick up seasonal items like leis or glow sticks.  
  • Silly sunglasses could also be a prize.
  • A simple blue ribbon or thrift store trophy.
  • I even like the idea of having something like a candy bar like PayDay or 1,000 Grand for the winners and fun-size Snickers for the runners up!  
  • Make it fun and be creative.
What you want to do is make it a little more creative and fun than the ordinary scavenger hunt.  Things like fun prizes make this a memorable activity that will keep everyone talking about this and wanting to do it again.  Having a timer, setting a perimeter and encouraging teams to go for bonus items is yet another way to make this memorable. 

If you do a photo booth at the end, guests and participants could take these items as prizes at the end as well.  These sun glasses were a dollar a pair at Target.  
One final way to make it fun is to take some photos "Photo Booth Style" with a few props.  Write your own message on the back of your scavenger hunt sheet and take photos and share on social media to share the fun with others.  Or, you could print and use the props that I have shared for you to take.  Add a couple of pairs of sunglasses and hats, and you have your very own "photo booth"!


Download and print these easy "photo booth" style props that you could use anywhere!  You don't have to set up a booth, just put them out and let people pose and take pictures.

So why all the fuss over an ordinary scavenger hunt?  Well, to make it anything but ordinary!  And, it is really easy to take a simple activity and make it memorable.  Everyone has access to printers and phones to take photos.  I even have one of those little mini printers that would work perfectly for these types of activities!

If you take the time to do a scavenger hunt over Memorial Day weekend, I'd love for you to share it on social media.  Please tag me at #southernglamper.  I'd love to see your photos of your scavenger hunt! 

Until next time...

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