How to Care for Your Awning

We replaced our old bag awning with a new Shade Maker bag awning this year.  Keeping the awning clean and preventing stains from day one makes a difference over time.
Have you gone out on a camping trip and unrolled your awning to discover mold and mildew?  Awnings are great for providing extra shade and outdoor living space, but they can also trap a lot of moisture that sits and breeds gunk.  Giving your awning a good scrub with the right tools can make all the difference.

We have been camping in a small pop up with a bag awning for three years.  Cleaning and care for this small set up are straight forward. I can roll it out while my camper was stored to wash, treat and dry with no problem.  If you have a travel trailer with an electric awning, you may need a few more tools.  Either way, you can care for your awning and preserve it over time with a few easy steps.

This is not the awning cleaner that I use, but it is the brush I use to clean the surface of my awning.  A drill brush attachment can really come in handy if you have a small pop up camper.


Roll our your awning completely and give it a good wash.  For our bag awning, I use a rotating brush attachment for our drill.  If you have an electric awning, I recommend getting a long-handled brush.  There are ones that attach to your hose with a compartment for your cleaner.  Or you could opt for a long-handled brush that would work well with a bucket of soapy water.

Only use RV specific products to clean and treat your RV.  Yes, I know all about diluting bleach and other "miracle cleaners".  Just don't.  RV products are made to work with your travel trailer and the specific materials within them.  It will make a difference in the life of your RV.  Protecting your investment from day one will save you money over the long haul.  An awning cleaner will help to remove stains, dirt, tree sap and other things that have deposited onto the surface without damaging the vinyl.

Give your awning an all over wash with your brush and awning cleaner of your choice.  Be sure to get everywhere.  Don't forget about the middle and underside.  You may need a ladder for an electric awning.  When you are done, let it all dry.

This 303 Mold and Mildew Cleaner and Blocker is a great way to protect your investment.


After you have washed your awning, I recommend treating the vinyl to prevent mold and mildew growth between cleanings.  303 Mold and Mildew Cleaner and Blocker works great.  Spray the product all over the awning and allow it to penetrate the surface before wiping or rinsing.

For deep stains, you can spray and allow to sit for a few minutes and scrub with a brush before rinsing.  You may need to do this more than once for really gunked on stains.  Since this has no bleach, you can also use this on the canvas of a pop-up camper too.

The new awning on your camper looks really nice!

Regular Maintenance

The best way to care for your awning is regular maintenance.  If you have purchased a "new to you camper", now is the time to turn back time with a little TLC.  At the beginning of every season, start out fresh and clean with a wash and treatment of your awning.  Even if your awning is already stained, clean and treat your awning vinyl to prevent more stains.  Make what you have look the best it can. 

I find that if I have the right tools I'm more willing to do the job.  Invest in a good scrub brush, wash, and treatment for your awning.  Keep it with your RV maintenance items, and you will always be ready for these little jobs.

If you would like to know more about RV Maintenance, I have a checklist for that!  It's like the care of your sticks and bricks home, some things you just have to routinely do.  These little things will help keep your RV enjoyable and functional for years to come with a little work all along the way.

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