Organizing Your RV Storage - Hoses, Cords and Gear Oh My!

Hose bins make it easy to separate sewer hoses from freshwater hoses.
All of those hoses and cords in an RV can become a tangled mess!  You know the scene, all of your hoses for connecting your RV somehow ending up tossed into a bin or a box.  They can become unsanitary and difficult to find.  How do you tame the tangle of cords and hoses in your RV?

No matter what size of camper you have, you are going to have hoses and storage for them.  In our pop up camper, these items were stored under a bench.  Our travel trailer has pass-through storage underneath.  The more space and storage you have, the more you may be inclined stack into that space.  Camping in a pop up has taught me how to be creative with storage solutions.

Before I organized everything, it was just tossed into some boxes waiting for me to sort it out.  *sigh*

Hose Storage

Get a hose caddy to wrap and store your hose connections.  If you have a sewer connection, I recommend getting two caddies.  Use one caddy for your sewer connection and black tank flush hose.  The second one should be for your clean water connection.  These baskets stack on top of each other.  This allows for a little space conservation.  But separate your hoses.  In a pop-up camper, you might have a caddy for grey water and one for clean drinking water hoses.

My hose caddy for my sewer connections only has my sewer hose and blank tank flush hose.

I have run out of room in my freshwater caddy because I have a headed cord as well.  I'm going to get a third one just for that.

In each caddy, be sure to include things that go with those supplies.  In your clean water container, keep your water pressure regulator and water filter.  With your grey water supplies, include a grey water vent if you have one for a pop-up camper.  A sewer caddy should have your black tank flush hose, sewer hose, and fittings.

This year, we have added a heated water hose for fall and winter camping.  If we keep this stored all of the time, we need a third caddy.  These hoses can take up a lot of room.  So, take this into account when planning for what you need to store everything.

Electrical Storage

If you have an electrical cord that you store, a Cord Pro storage container will keep it wrapped and contained.  You could also use this for hoses if it is better suited for your space needs.  The Cord Pro XL is the right size for RV electrical hoses.  There is a smaller size, but it will only fit short hoses and may not fit your needs on an RV.

We bought the smaller cord pro container, but it was too small.  The XL is a better fit for a long and larger electrical plug.

Camping Gear

Group your camping gear together and place items in labeled and clear bins that will stack.  Keep you awning lights and clips in a container together.  Your flashlights could be stored in one container together.  Separate items like hammocks, decorative items, etc.  Keeping items grouped and placed in containers will keep things in good working order and easier to find and set up.

Organize your gear into clear bins and label them to keep things together.

Finally, do a seasonal purge of whatever no longer works, is not being used or that you just no longer want.  Go through each box or bin and replace things that need to be updated or tossed.  A regular process for this will keep you from having a lot of clutter and extra weight on board.  You might even find a few items that you can sell.  I had a few extra things that we didn't need, and I got rid of them.

How do you organize your storage in your camper?  Throughout the next few months, I'll be sharing other organizational tips and ideas for your camper.  You can also check out some of my previous Pop Up Camper Organizational Tips.

Until next time...

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