Out of the Box Camping - Fall Box Review

Fall 2019 Out of the Box Camping - Around the Campfire

By now, you may have heard of Out of the Box Camping.  It is a camping themed subscription box that I have tried twice now.  The cost is $55 per box, and I think it is well worth the cost.  Each box contains well-curated items that I might not have discovered on my own.  What was included in the fall 2019 box?

Each season, there is a selected theme.  Fall's theme is "Around the Campfire".  As the air develops a crisp bite and the leaves begin to swirl around us, we are drawn to the light and warmth of a campfire.  Included in the box is something to light a campfire, sweet treats, camping decor and something to wear.

Insect Shield makes clothing that repels insects.

I love the neutral colors and print on this lightweight scarf.

Insect Shield Wrap  (price $28)

Insect Shield makes clothing and gear that repels insects.  This neutral and lightweight scarf will be excellent for all seasons.  It will transition well into fall as the weather cools but bugs are still swarming in the deep south.  It is sheer enough to wear in the warmer months too.  Plus, I LOVE scarves.  I have tons, but I have placed this one in our RV to keep with us on the road when I'm outside the most.  The pattern on this one gives a nice look that could be worn to outside events in the summer.  This may be my favorite piece from the box!

Ncamp lighting sticks will help light your fire even on windy nights.

NCamp Lighting Sticks
(price $8.89)

This will most likely become my husband's favorite piece from this box.  It takes him about 398 matches to light a campfire.  I'm not telling you anything that he doesn't know.  These sticks are water and windproof.  On a windy evening, I have needed something like this more than once.  We are working on our campfire game, and maybe this product will be a winner.  I'll let you know.

Also included is a $10 coupon toward NCamp products.  They have several pieces of portable camping gear.   I'm considering the espresso maker from their line.  It's small and practical.  If you know someone who is a tent camper, Boy Scout or backpacker, the camping stove and other gear would make excellent gifts for Christmas.  Even if you don't need another piece of gear, you can use it toward a gift or give the coupon to someone so they may select their own item.

Add some color to your campfire with Mystical Fire.

Colorful Flames Mystical Fire (approximate price 80 cents)

Toss these packets into your fire for a colorful hue to your evening flames.  These are for fun and should be added to your fire after your s'mores are done.  The color additive is toxic.  Don't let this scare you.  Just use common sense when adding these to your fire.  We actually tried a product like this last Easter and enjoyed the light show.  I think these will be fun on our fall break trip next month.

Madyson's Marshmallows offers a traditional treat in a fun twist of flavors.

Madyson's Marshmallows Pumpkin Spice and Chocolate Stuffed Marshmallows (price $11.99)

If you have read my blog a time or two, you already know I love a good s'more.  I already have plans for these.  These would pair perfectly with homemade graham crackers for a special treat.  Or, they might be just right on their own.  Either way, I can't wait to try some fancy marshmallows!

Play a new game or start some fun conversations with this book.

501 Questions A Travel Game  (price $14.99)

This book is full of questions, categories and conversation starters.  It's a way to put your phone down and talk.  Use this book in the car on the way to the campground or sitting around the campfire.  My husband is a trivia and factoid buff.  He will certainly love this!

This piece of decor is lightweight and can be added to anywhere in your RV.

I chose to hang this in our bathroom where I was looking for something to place there.

Camping Rules Sign (approximately $14.99)

We have all seen those "camp rules" signs.  This lightweight and bright sign fit perfectly in our RV bathroom.  I was looking for something to put into that blank space.  I like having it here because it is just a quick little reminder at the end of the day when I step out of the shower as to why I camp and to enjoy the journey.  It adds a bit of color and whimsy to that one spot.

The wine hook will attach to a camping chair to hold your glass while you enjoy the fire.

Wine Hook Clip-on Glass Holder (price $9.11)

Pour yourself a glass of Merlot and snuggle up at the campfire with this wine hook that will clip on to your favorite camping chair.  I have just the right glasses for that.  The Camco Stemless Wine Glasses will be perfect for this glass holder.  I cannot wait to pair the two.  The wine hook will work on most chairs.  We have those moon chairs, and it won't quite work for these.  But, I still think it would work for guests and friends that have traditional camping chairs.  If not, I can gift this to someone who does!

Spotify Playlist

The box came with an information card for a playlist on Spotify.  Sometimes, I make seasonal playlists for trips.  I'm stoked to play this over the new season.  It is nice to have a new collection of music to listen on the road.  I've already added this to my Spotify account.

There are also some additional coupons in the box:
  • RVing Women - 20% off (about $2.00) for an annual membership.  This is a way to meet other women campers and take part in events in your region.
  • Campground - 20% off
  • Financial Planning
Overall, I loved the fall box.  The products alone are worth around $88.77.  With the  NCamp coupon code, the value is closer to $100.  This is double the cost of the box.  Considering that have already placed each item in our RV for use on our next trip, I feel like it was worth the cost.

I was not nearly excited about the coupons in this box as I was with the summer box, but this is a risk in getting a subscription box.  Any items that I may not use would be great gifts for a friend.  So, keep this in mind if you get this box.  You aren't required to keep any of the items.  You could gift as many or few as you like.  These items are small enough to make great stocking stuffers.  Or you could use items for birthdays or other events.

If you are interested in the Out of the Box Camping Box, use code GLAMPER5 for $5 off of your box.  You can find my review of the Summer Box from a previous post.  There are still fall boxes available if you want to order one! 

Until next time!

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