Why You Need Classic Coleman Camping Gear

Our Coleman camp stove set up.

We have all seen the iconic green 2 burner camp stove from Coleman and the matching green lantern.  Those two items are synonymous, in my mind, with camping.  Its how many families started camping, and they are reminders of nostalgic adventures.  Regardless of having a full indoor kitchen, I still love camping outdoors and classic Coleman gear will get you there.

For several months, I had been watching for just the right camp stove to become available on Facebook marketplace.  I would see one or two from time to time, but none seemed just right.  And while I could have purchased a new one, buying something that was already broken in is more my speed.  I'm so glad I waited!  Just as we were selling Peggy Sue and buying our new RV, I ran across a post about Coleman camp stoves and lanterns starting at $20.  We made an appointment to go and look at them.  I was amazed.

The rows of Coleman camp lanterns and stoves restored by a local seller.

A man near our town purchases old Coleman camp stoves and lanterns.  He restores them and sells them as a hobby.  He had everything neatly arranged in a meticulously clean shop behind his house.  Rows and shelves of stoves and lanterns.  I was in awe.

He was a true Coleman connoisseur.  We learned about how to tell the age of the lanterns.  He took the time to show us how everything worked.  So, I asked him to select a lantern and a two-burner stove that would work well for our camping experiences.  I explained that I liked to cook outdoors and that I was more concerned about function than aesthetics.  For $50, I walked away with a stove and lantern he selected from his collection, and I couldn't be happier!

The seller took the time to show us how to use our lantern and stove.

If you are considering these Coleman classics, I definitely think they are worth looking for something that is used.  Many people purchase these pieces.  They are used for a season or several and then stored.  These items end up for sale on social media, yard sales, and thrift stores.  Coleman has been making rugged gear for years, and it is built to last.  These pieces often have more than one life, and its second life can be on your next venture.

You will need some white fuel or you can operate them on gasoline.  I'm not brave enough to try gasoline.  And, I'll be honest that I'm somewhat afraid of the white fuel too.  I'm still getting used to it.  But, it is a simple way to cook.

I picked up the white gas and funnel at a local big box store, but you can order these items online if you cannot find them locally.

Fill up your little stove with a funnel and fuel.  Place it into the stove.  This next step is very important, and it caused me to waste about an hour and 95 matches the first time I used my stove.  Twist the pump on the fuel cylinder open and pull out.  Then, you will need to prime the pump with about 30 pumps.  Cover the little hole on the end with your thumb as you do this.  Once you are done, you can push the pump in and twist to close.  Turn on the gas to light and let it flame until it turns blue and adjust as needed.

We learned how to use our Coleman camp stove from the seller before we left.

Now, you can open the second burner's fuel line and light the second burner.  You could prime the pump a little more for the second burner, but you most likely won't need to do this.

When you are done cooking, turn everything off and allow it to cool completely before closing and putting it all away.  The fuel cylinder stores inside of the stove and everything closes in one neat box.  It is compact and efficient.  And, it works like a charm.

I am able to fit a standard size Lodge Cast Iron Griddle over the two burners for cooking.  This is perfect for pancakes, burgers and more.  You can also use each burner individually for any cooking that you might want to do.
A Lodge Cast Iron Griddle fits over the two-burner stove perfectly.

I know the rage right now are the solid surface griddles.  And, maybe that trend is lost on me.  But, I love what I can do on a Coleman stove.  It was the very thing we needed for cooking outdoors at the campground.  And, I can see this piece lasting us for years to come.

I like cooking burgers on the solid griddle side to do smash burgers.

If you are thinking about starting to camp or want an outdoor kitchen for your existing RV, a classic stove will do the job.  Tent campers, pop up campers and RVs could all benefit from using these tools.  To complete your set up, add the Coleman Camp Kitchen.  This piece provides a place for my stove and a tabletop for food prep. 

You can find out more about our favorite Camping Gear as well as my Camp Kitchen from these pages on my blog.  If you have questions about cooking at the campground, drop me a line.  I'd love to hear from you.

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  1. Coleman great product

  2. I love Coleman stoves and lanterns. I have my parents’ they used in a hurricane that hit Pensacola, Florida in 1958. The lantern has a gig shield. Coleman stoves and lanterns lasts forever. If it is not broke don’t fix it.

    1. It is definitely built to last! We love ours, and I think the older is better than the new!

  3. Those are both classics he sold you, they will serve you very well for the rest of your life. I have a Coleman stove that is nearly 100 years old and it still works beautifully

    1. It is my favorite camping gear hands down! Wouldn't trade it for anything!


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