Camping Gift Ideas: 2019 Christmas Wish List

camping gift ideas for towable trailers and pop up campers
What will be under your Christmas tree this year?

We've spent another year camping.  There were big changes in our camping game, and that meant new gear.  What did we discover as these changes took place?  And what should be on your list for Santa?  I've paired down our new favorites to 10 items for the ultimate Christmas Wish List for Campers.

I've divided my list into 4 categories.  
  1. The Big Ticket Splurge
  2. Mid Priced Items
  3. Practical Gear
  4. Just for Fun
This list has something for everyone and every budget.  If you are looking for gift ideas for your favorite camping enthusiast.  Look no further!

Big Ticket Splurge

We made two upgrades to our new RV that have been well worth it.  First, we added the RV Lock System to our RV for keyless entry.  This is an effortless security feature.  We installed our new lock in about 20 minutes by removing the original hardware and replacing it with the new.  These are readily available from Amazon, but you can also purchase these directly from RV Lock as well.  RV Lock will be having a Black Friday Sale.  Be on the lookout for this sale.

Towable trailers, fifth wheels and motor homes could benefit from this upgrade.
The RV Lock Keyless entry is simple to install and makes getting in and out of your RV a snap!

Our second big-ticket item is our new Tochta mattress.  Tochta makes custom mattresses for RVs.  You can have a mattress made for hinged murphy beds, curved bunks, and short beds.  No matter what the size or thickness, you can have they can customize a mattress just for your unique interior.  Our mattress sleeps like a dream.  If you have been making do in your RV with toppers and other temporary solutions, just go ahead and get a great mattress.  You will enjoy your RV so much more after adding a great mattress.  For our murphy bed, this mattress was the very best option.  These mattresses are American made and worth every penny!

Camper interior upgrades like a new mattress make sleeping better.
Our Tochta mattress provides a dreamy night's sleep.  These American made mattresses provide quality and comfort on the road.

Mid Priced Items

I have been eying portable fire pits for some time.  I finally broke down and purchased the Camco Little Red Campfire after a burn ban this fall.  This is a perfect addition to your camping set up if you camp in locations that don't allow wood-burning fires or for when there is a burn ban.  It's portable and fits into one little red carrying container.

Camping gifts this year may include a portable fire pit.
The Camco portable fire pit is compact and well made.

We have also been working on our outdoor kitchen set up.  This fall, we tried out the Rio Brands Compact Expandable Table.  This table can be a small table that is 28 inches long or a longer 48-inch table by adjusting the width.  There are two different accordion-style tabletop pieces.  Attach the one longer piece for the smaller table.  Add the second piece as an extender for a longer table.  The table can also be used as a portable dining table.  It works for cooking and grilling.  I love it for our Coleman Camp Stove.  I can cook and prep right on the same surface.  The table is lightweight and stores in a small zippered bag.  My husband loves how simple it is to set up and takedown.

Pop up campers with an outdoor kitchen could benefit from this table!
The Rio Brands Compact Expandable Table has become our new camp kitchen work station.  

Great Gear

Are you looking for a better way to communicate?  From backing up to connecting with kids at the campground, grab a set of walkie talkies for your group.  You could use these on hikes and more.  Never worry about the limited cell signal.  Give everyone a way to get in touch when needed.

Camping gift ideas for this year include a set of walkie talkies for the family.
A set of walkie talkies is another layer of safety at the campground.

Protect your investment with tire covers.  I know.  You may want to get the big RV cover, but if you are overwhelmed by the prospect of this task try wheel covers to protect your wheels.  This is an inexpensive piece of gear but is very effective.  I know it isn't the same as a full-on RV cover, but you want those wheels protected.  And if you aren't going to cover everything, at least protect your tires!

Towable trailers, pop up campers and any RV could benefit from wheel covers.
Protect your tires from harmful UV rays.

One of the most practical pieces of gear that I purchased recently was a Camco Collapsible Broom.  The broom has a handle that expands to provide a nice long handle.  The dustpan attaches to the broom.  Fold and retract for storage.  It was just what I needed to keep my outdoor mat clean at the campsite.  It stores in our pass-through storage without taking up so much room.  When storage is at a premium, everything matters.

Keep your RV interior clean with this collapsible broom.
The Camco adjustable broom folds into a small package for storage but expands for full-size functionality.

Just for Fun

If you have a camper in your crew that would appreciate something to wear at the campground, grab a flannel Happy Camper shirt.  I picked up one of these from the Ozark Mountain Gypsy in Arkansas this year.  She has a small home-based business where she creates these cute and distressed bleached designs on the back.  She has lots of options to choose from.  I enjoyed wearing my new shirt from her this fall while camping.  But, she also has Christmas designs as well!

Any glamper would love this flannel camping gift.
These bleach, distressed flannel shirts have been trendy items this fall.

Finally, I have two items from Camco that have been in heavy rotation this year.  While I'm not a hat person most of the time, I do enjoy a hat when camping.  Camco's Life is Better at the Campsite hats are just right for any girl camper.  These make a great stocking stuffer or happy for friends and family.    I keep mine in our RV so that I always have a hat to wear.  They have several colors and styles to choose from.

This camping hat will keep you looking great at the campsite.
Life really is better at the campsite when you have the right gear.

Our Camco Wine Glasses are just right for anyone really.  These would work for tailgating, camping, picnics, days on the boat or anything outdoors!  We keep ours in our RV and have used them all season.  Use them with or without the stems.  The insulated tumbler top comes with a top.  Plus, you can't break them!  I've even used the tumbler top as a biscuit cutter.

RV Kitchens are not complete without a set of stainless wine tumblers.
The Camco wine tumblers work for any outdoor activity.

What will Santa be bringing you?  Be sure to start your list early and look for seasonal sales heading into the biggest shopping season of the year.  This could be just the right time to get something you have really wanted but were waiting for the right price or occasion.  

Until next time...

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Camping gift ideas for any glamper or camper alike.
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