Let's Get Toasted - Camp Life Crate Fall 2020 Box

The Camp Life's Fall 2020 Box centers around the theme "Let's Get Toasted".

It's no secret that I love a subscription box.  Camp Life Crate is not a new camping subscription box.  But, if it is new to you or you have been considering giving it a try, now is the time.  The fall 2020 box may be my all-time favorite.  What was in this box, and why should you give it a go?

I love every single item in the fall box!

Let's Get Toasted - Camp Life Crate Fall 2020 Box Review

The Camp Life offers two different subscription options.  These options gives every camper something to enjoy.  

  1. Outdoor Essentials - This is a monthly subscription box that is geared toward true camping gear, hiking, and outdoor activities.  
  2. Camping and Glamping - This is a quarterly subscription box that provides uniquely curated items for the prettier and fancier side of camping.
Both the monthly and quarterly boxes would make excellent gift options for your favorite camper, glamper, or outdoor enthusiast.  With the holiday season right around the corner, this is something to consider.  I like the Camping & Glamping quarterly box, but I can also see where the Outdoor Essentials box could be handy!  Both boxes give campers the opportunity to explore fun and practical new items.

One reason is loved the fall 2020 box is the high-quality items from small businesses that were included.  This box felt like there was a lot of time and thought that went into each item that centered around the theme "Let's Get Toasted".  This season's box got a lot of mileage from the s'more theme!

A soft, heathered camping tee shirt with a fun slogan is just what I need for my outdoor adventures.

Let's Get Toasted Tee Shirt - $19.99

Camping tee shirts are a lot of fun and useful to have at the campground.  I also love a heathered tee shirt in neutral tones like this navy.  The shirt is soft and is something that I'll wear throughout the fall and into next year.  Living in the deep south, tee shirts are a year-round staple.  Plus I can easily wear this with a flannel shirt or long sleeve shirt under it in layers.  I also rarely buy tee shirts for myself, so getting one in a subscription box is an excellent box to get something I actually need and use.  

The waffle kitchen towel is just right for my RV kitchen!

Let's Get Toasted Kitchen Towel - $11.95

I always have a fun towel hanging in my RV kitchen.  This waffle weave towel is just right.  It is soft with a camping theme on the front.  If you like this design, the seller DoTakeItPersonally on Etsy offers a variety of camping themed kitchen towels that would dress up your RV kitchen and make great stocking stuffers this Christmas.  These would also make great birthday gifts for a camping buddy!  This is another home run item from my box.  Pretty and practical always win with me.  

Pine Cone and Apple Spice Fire Starters from an Etsy seller are an item that I need but probably wouldn't seek out on my own.  But, I may have found another campground staple!

Pine Cone and Apple Spice Fire Starters - approximately $6

Our campfire will start out with the sweet scents of pinecones and apple spice on our next adventure thanks to these fire starters.  This is something both practical and fun that we will be using at Thanksgiving.  ALadyInTheWoods makes lots of fire starters in a variety of scents.  These would also make excellent gifts but could easily be a new staple for your RV.  I can see myself ordering some more of these to enjoy throughout the year.   Its no secret.  We are terrible at lighting a campfire.  We need all the help we can get.  This is a much-needed item for us all the way around!  

There were three items for gourmet s'mores.  A telescoping fork, dark chocolate bar, and salted caramel marshmallows.  

Dark Chocolate Bar from Olive and Sinclair - $7.50

Take your s'mores to the next level with some artisan chocolate.  Dark chocolate is my favorite, and I'm excited to try this brand on s'mores.  We make s'mores on almost every single camping trip.  This is definitely an item that will be used quickly next month.  (if not before at a backyard campfire)  

I plan to make some homemade graham crackers to go with the s'more items from my fall box.  Yes.  I am in fact that extra.  At least I admit it!
This is an opportunity to try something delicious and new.  Salted caramel is a flavor combination that I can't get enough of.  This will pair perfectly with the dark chocolate for s'mores.  Sure, these are more expensive than your typical grocery store brand, but small-batch gourmet marshmallows are not anything like big box brands.  In my experience, these are superior products that are well worth the splurge.  Items like this included in my box are the very reason I love subscription boxes.  I can try out something new.  If I love it, I will order some more for a special occasion.

Barbeque Fork - approximately $12

A telescoping stick for making s'mores is a camping must-have.  While we have a set of these, a spare is a good idea.  And, I could always gift this to a camping friend.  This item is well made and would work well for smores.  And, you can also use them for roasting hot dogs or even making campfire cinnamon rolls over the fire!  It is compact and stores away easily.  Any camper would love to have one of these!

Overall, this box costs $49.99 with a value of about $67 plus tax for this season.  However, you are getting the time effort of having The Camp Life crew seek out some of the best seasonal items to take with you to the campground.  This is worth the cost of the box alone.  Part of the joy of a subscription box is discovering new and fun items that I don't have the time to seek out.  The personal shopping experience is a huge value-added to this box, and the fall box delivered big time in my book.  

I feel like this box that has great items that I love.  I would prefer this any day to just a lot of little things that are just okay or ordinary.   The "Let's Get Toasted" box is anything but ordinary.  The box contains items from small business sellers.  I feel good about supporting small businesses.  I may shop these businesses during the holiday season ahead for gifts.  And, if you didn't get the box but love the items you saw, support these businesses and send some love their way with your orders.  I've linked each item to the seller for you to explore on your own.

The upcoming winter box will have a theme of "Baby It's Cold Outside".  I believe you can expect another winning box with handcrafted and selected items that are on par with what you saw from the fall box.  I appreciate that I am getting gift-like items that I appreciate and use each season.  I'm always stocked up with seasonal surprises that make my glamping adventures special.  I can't wait to open my box of surprises each quarter and can't wait to see the winter box!

Until next time...

This post contains links to Etsy Shops.  The views and opinions expressed in this post are entirely my own.  No goods or money were exchanged for the review of this box.

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