RV Maintenance and Warranty Work - How to Keep Better Records

If you own an RV, you should keep good records of the RV work that you have done.  For years, I kept meticulous paper files at home.  And while I still have some of that, I have digitized most everything at this point.  It is the best way to have everything you need with you both at home and on the road.  But, where do you get started if you aren't that tech-savvy?

RV Maintenance and Warranty Work - How to Keep Better Records

Many people already have a G-mail account that they use regularly.  I also find that even G-mail users don't always realize that they have access to Google Drive.  To get started, simply log in to your G-mail account.  You can select the waffle just to the left of your account icon at the top right of your Chrome browser.  Or, you can go to www.drive.google.com.

Once you are inside Google Drive, select New from the top left of the browser.  Select Folder.  Name your new Folder, Warranty, and Repairs.  This will become your folder for organizing any work that you have done on your RV.

I typically use the Adobe Scan app for capturing receipts that I want to keep.  It takes a photo of the receipt and turns it into a PDF.  You can upload your scanned receipt directly to your Google Drive!  The Adobe Scan app is available for both Android and iOS.  

Next, I recommend using a spreadsheet to keep up with everything in one place.  I have created a Warranty and Repairs Template that you can use!  I have written instructions into the first worksheet of the template to help you use it.  This template is designed to help you:

  • Keep track of your RV information including the VIN, dealership information, and more.
  • When you had repair work completed with dates, costs, notes, and more.
  • Contact information for repair persons or RV dealerships.
So, how does this all help you?  Well, lots of different ways actually.  For starters, you can reference your sheet at the end of each year to determine when to replace tires or the last time you did annual maintenance.  This will help you to make better decisions about regular upkeep and work.

If you sell your RV, you can provide this documentation to the new owners to keep them keep track of work done and where it was completed.  The new owners might want to continue using the same shop or technician to have work done.  It's just helpful overall to any new owner really!

Plus, if you are on the road, you may need to access this information to help you talk to repair persons or to get work done!  And it is so much easier to keep up with digital files than a big paper folder that you might lose or misplace!.  

If you digitize your content, I recommend putting the apps for Google Drive, Google Docs, and Google Sheets on your phone.  These can all be found in your app store.  

Once you have all of your information in one neat and tidy place, you will be able to go over everything in one spot.  I like being able to see how much I have spent overtime on maintenance and repairs.  I'm never guessing about when and what work was done.  It's just a better way to be an RV owner.  

If you have other RV ownership tips for maintenance and other regular work, feel free to drop me a line or comment below.  I'd love to hear from you!  Until next time...

Happy camping!

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