Camping Gear Guide: Fall 2021


The official start of fall is days away, and I'm ready for cool, crisp mornings.  Fall camping and coffee on early mornings are two of my favorite things.  I've been cleaning out our RV from summer adventures to prepare for the season ahead.  Today, I'm sharing some of my favorite items for fall camping.  

Camping Gear Guide:  Fall 2021

RV and Camping Decor

I love create cozy, inviting spaces both at home and in our RV.  Pillows is a simple and lightweight options for this.  Lisa Rice is a designer that renovates pop up campers.  She is also a designer and has teamed up with Gorilla Dirt with a line of pillows, rugs and a comforter.  While I love all of the items in her collection, the pillows are real stand outs.  The colors are cool and relaxing.  You can coordinate for a cohesive look, and the palate really appeals to me.  Also, be sure to follow Lisa on Instagram.  She features her beautiful design work as well as a weekly Trailer Tip Tuesday feature that I love!

The Field Pillow has nice clean lines and colors.

For more of a camp and outdoor vibe, the Forrest Pillow will give you all the feels!

Days will be getting shorter soon.  Plus, I love a candle lit dinner!  Modgy Luminary Lanterns are the perfect addition to your campsite table.  Each set contains 4 bags that store flat.  You expand them and add water to use.  Place the water activated candle lights in each bag for a soft glow.  Empty each bag and dry to store.  They take up little to no space and don't add weight either!  There is a variety of patterns to choose from.  This has become one of my favorite pieces of gear to make a special table when camping!

Camping Gear

Everyone needs good, basic camping gear.   One thing that we have struggled with over time, are all of those hoses and how to store them neatly and cleanly.  We've placed our sewer hose in the bumper.  The only thing we have in our pass through storage are our fresh water hoses and electrical hose.  But, they always take up a lot of room and are messy.  I finally found something that works really well!  We have moved to these Camco Storage Bags that are compact and so easy to use!  They also come with tags that you can use to identify them.

One additional piece of gear that I think everyone needs is a dehumidifier.  It really cuts down on the moisture and condensation inside of the RV and has made a big difference over time!  I encourage any RV owner to get one!  They are small and work great.  Just remember to keep a watch on it and empty it regularly!  In our pop up camper we kept products like Damp Rid in our camper so we didn't have to use electricity to run it all of the time.  But, in our travel trailer a dehumidifier has worked best for us over time.  We have used this for over 6 months, and I'm so glad I made this purchase!


If you are like me, cast iron cooking is a big part of your camping experience.  I use cast iron cookware probably every time I camp.  Having the right gear to keep your cast iron functioning best is key to the longevity of your cookware.  I have purchased a chain scrubber that works really well for a quick and easy clean up.  During the fall, you may be cooking those meals in your dutch oven or griddle.  

One of the treats you can cook in your cast iron skillet are fresh doughnuts.  You can make them with canned biscuits, or you can try and homemade approach.  There is no wrong way to have fresh hot doughnuts at the campground.  They are perfect for fall mornings and coffee!  Make your dough the night before you leave and have them half way there before you get to the campground.  I love this copy cat Krispy Kreme recipe.  Grab a doughnut cutter to make this treat.

If you enjoy spirits at your campsite, invest in a sphere ice mold.  These things are amazing.  The silicone molds create a large sphere of ice that melts at a much slower rate than regular ice.  From bourbon to classic cocktails, these fit the bill for nearly any beverage.  You can even make up a large bag of them and keep them ready for when you need them!

Change your seasoning game both at home and at the campground with Feast Mode seasonings.  These interesting blend help you reduce the amount of sugar that you take in.  I have two favorite flavors.  The Honey Cinnamon Butter is delicious added to coffee, oatmeal or cream of wheat.  The Asiago Jalapeno is great on anything really and gives that umami taste to whatever needs a little kick!  I've really enjoyed these flavors, but Feast Mode offers quite a few more.

We are busy family and stay pretty active.  I keep Ultima powdered electrolyte drink mixes with me.  These are great for hikes, bike rides or just working out.  I also like to just drink them during the day to keep me hydrated.  The grape is my absolute favorite.  Give it a try.  You won't be disappointed!

Get ready for fall camping with the right gear.  We have lots of trips planned for the balance of the year.  If you are looking for additional fall camping gear ideas, check out my guide from last year.  

Make the last of 2021 a banner year.  Explore more and happy camping!

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