All-Time Favorite Camping Gear - Christmas Wish List 2021

It's getting close to the holidays, and Christmas shopping had already started for many.  If you are looking to gift something special to a camping enthusiast, I'm sharing our all-time favorite camping gear and gift ideas.  These are the tried and true favorites that we still use consistently.  What made our list of favorites?

All-Time Favorite Camping Gear - Christmas Wish List 2021

I've gotten more practical as I have gotten older.  Therefore some of the gifts I ask for are just as practical.  I like things that I can use.  I don't need more things to dust.  Sure and the occasional decorative item might be fine, but I just prefer things that I can't live without or that make life better in some way.  Camping gear, for the most part, serves a purpose.  Sure, I have a lot of seasonal décor and take RV décor seriously.  But, I've scaled way back!  I'm sharing 20 things that make great gifts for campers.  I hope this inspires you to give some great gear this year under the tree or to yourself!

Home is Where You Park It Outdoor Rug

This outdoor rug was one of our first purchases in our pop-up camper days with Peggy Sue.  We have owned this rug for nearly 5 years, and I still love it.  It's fun and adds a nice touch outdoors.  Everyone that sees it comments on it, and it is been a piece of gear that I've been asked about multiple times here on my blog!  If you are looking for a new outdoor rug, this is it!

Quick Dry Towels

JC Penny has these amazing quick-dry towels that you need!  These are practical for both home and your camper.  I love that these towels are soft and fluffy but will dry quickly even in the humid, Mississippi heat!  I only wish we had started with these towels originally.  

Duraflame Heater

We have used a Duraflame Cube style heater in our RV for years.  This was also an early purchase from our pop-up camper days. It was an easy way to heat our pop-up camper rather than running our big heat.  In our travel trailer, this helps us to stretch our propane.  It heats up quickly and doesn't get hot on the exterior.  It's a gentle and effective heat.

While the exact heater that we own is one that I can't readily find anymore, I really love the Duraflame brand.  This is a slightly bigger and fancier heater, but it has the firelight glow of a fireplace while providing plenty of heat.  This is an excellent upgrade to your RV gear!

Mopeka Propane Monitors

While we are talking about heat and propane, you do need a reliable way to monitor how much propane you have in your tanks.  Take the guesswork out of keeping your tanks full while you travel.  You don't want to run out of propane while you are towing and running your fridge or get to the campground and be sitting on empty.  We love these.  They are easy and effective.  It's as simple as that.  Any RV owner would love this!

Tire Minder TPS (Tire Pressure System)

One more peace of mind product is the Tire Minder TPS (Tire Pressure System).  My cousins and I were talking about this at Thanksgiving.  One cousin recommended this product to me several years ago.  It will tell you how much pressure is in your trailer tires along with the temperature of the tires.  If your tires suddenly lose pressure or start to overheat, the sensors will go off and warn you before a blowout happens.  This is a great way to keep you safe on the road.  

My cousin had torn the underbelly of his RV up with a blowout last year.  It was a costly problem, and he is starting out fresh with this set in his new RV.  Do yourself a favor and get this set!

Andersen Levelers

I cannot tell you how easy these levelers are to use.  Place the comma-shaped leveler either behind or in front of your tire to level your camper.  Back or drive onto the leveler and then chock to complete.  We place a level on the bumper.  My husband monitors while I do the driving.  It is so much quicker to use this set than anything else that we have done.  We have owned this set for three years.  They are still in great shape and work perfectly every time!

Folding Table from Buc-ees

If you live near a Buc-ees or will pass by one, run in and grab one of these practical tables.  It folds flat.  It's lightweight.  We have used it to hold a movie projector for an outdoor movie, playing cards as well as a snack tray dinner table.  The top is nice and taught when it is in use.  So, it creates a stable surface for whatever you are doing.  At $24.99, how can you go wrong?

Coleman Camp Stove

Classic camping gear from Coleman holds the test of time.  A few years ago, we purchased a Coleman Camp Stove from a gentleman that restores old Coleman lamps and stoves.  We paid $30 for this gem, and it works like a charm.  It is my outdoor camping kitchen.  It has been used for everything from pancakes and waffles to steaks, burgers, and doughnuts.  I can use the refillable fuel container with white gas.  I love that it doesn't use disposable canisters.  If you can get an older, refurbished model, I would go this route.  But, if not, grab a new Coleman Stove.  It really is a classic.

Lodge Cast Iron Griddle

I love products that do double duty.  This cast iron griddle by lodge has a flat griddle side and a ridged grill side.  These pieces will last a lifetime and can be used for any meal of the day.  It fits perfectly on my Coleman Camp Stove.  Need I say more?

Crisbee Stick

This is an excellent stocking stuffer for a cast iron cook.  It will keep your skillets, Dutch ovens or any piece of cast iron in pristine condition.  I use this product on my pie irons and cast iron waffle maker.  If you are a cast iron cook or know someone that is, it is a good addition to your routine.

Nebo Poppy

The Nebo Poppy is part flashlight and part lantern.  It is rugged and has held up for several years.  We use this flashlight/lantern combo for everything from sitting on our table to give us some extra light during an evening meal to walking the dogs.  It is a good gift for kids as a first flashlight since it is rugged and has a nice sturdy handle.  The flexibility and double duty of this flashlight are what really take it over the top.  

Hiker Hunger Trekking Poles

These trekking poles are excellent for hiking and just getting out onto some trails. If you need some extra support as you go, they are excellent.  But they also work well to increase your heart rate as you move your arms to get a better workout.  And, they help with circulation and blood flow.  I love this product and am so glad I have them.  For anyone that hikes regularly or would like to be more active, this is a must-buy set.  Include some hiking socks, and you have a winning combo for someone you love.

LL Bean Packable Jacket

These jackets come in sizes for men, women, and children.  They fold into a compact pouch and keep you oh so warm.  I have used this jacket when camping and when I travel for work.  I can easily stash it in my backpack when I fly.  It's the most versatile and practical jacket that I have.  They even have tall sizes for men and plus sizes for women.  If you need a new camping jacket or just one in general, this is the jacket you need in your life!

Eno Hammock

My hammock is something I need to use more often.  Every time I use it, I love it.  We have owned our Eno hammock since we started camping.  It has held up great over time and is still a campground favorite.  Every camper needs a hammock.  It is the best way to relax and take a nap at the campground!

Tochta Mattresses

We replaced our mattresses in our RV right after we purchased her.  Tochta is an excellent company to work with.  They custom make everything.  We own three of their mattresses in our current RV.  We have curved bunk mattresses.  And, our murphy bed mattress is also from Tochta.  They can custom place the hinge where it needs to fold into storage.  These mattresses sleep like a dream.  It's one of the best purchases we made and would do it again in a heartbeat!

Electric Kettle

I use our electric kettle for so many tasks while camping.  In our pop-up days, it was how I heated our water to wash dishes.  I have always used it to make coffee in our french press.  I boil water and allow it to cool before placing it into our ice maker for better-tasting ice!  It's also what I do to keep our grey lines clean in our RV kitchen because we have a sump pump under our sink.  It's so helpful and useful in many ways.  I've had the same one for years and still love it!

Collapsible Dish Drainer

Collapsible gear is where it's at in an RV.  It is lightweight and fits into small spaces to store.  Plus, it just makes life easier on the road.  I have owned this dish drainer since we bought our pop-up camper, and I still use it.  I own several pieces of collapsible gear and love them all.  This one is by far the most practical, and I have owned it the longest!

Key Three!

If anyone asks for a gift and you want nothing else: RV Toilet Paper, Drop-Ins, and Thetford Foaming Cleaner.  These are the key three items in my RV that I use every single time we camp!  I am an RV product all the way kind of girl.  I firmly believe in only using RV toilet paper and drop-ins for our black tanks.  No alternate methods for me!  And, I use the RV cleaner.  This stuff is not cheap, but it works great.  I tell my family they can always buy me RV toilet paper as a gift.  Not kidding!  It's one less thing for me to buy, and we use it!

Ice Maker

I have not purchased bagged ice since getting this handy ice maker.  Make extra ice and place it in Ziploc bags in your freezer to refill coolers or to make more drinks.  These things work faster than you think to produce ice.  Ours paid for itself in about a year.  And, it takes up less counter space than you think.  The base of our ice maker is only about the size of a sheet of typing paper.  As I mentioned above, boiled or distilled water will give you the best-tasting ice.  This is what I do.  It is an excellent addition to your camping gear!

Hopefully, this list is helpful and will get you started.  If you are still looking for gift ideas, check out my Amazon Store Front.  I have more gear there that we love.  I even have it broken down into season and gear categories by use.  This truly is the best time of the year.  Now that my home is finally decorated, I can relax and enjoy the holidays before heading out on our last trip of the year.  

Merry Christmas and happy camping!

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